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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Answer Key of Kerala PSC Assistant Salesman Exam - 27 August 2016

Hi Aspirants, Kerala PSC today's (27/08/2016) conducted the Assistant Salesman Exam for Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation. In this post we will be bringing you the Question Paper and Answer Key of this exam. More than 4 lakh candidates have appeared for the examination across Kerala. Official Answer Key will be published by Kerala PSC within 1 week.

Kerala PSC Exam August 2016

Gazette Date: 10/08/2015
Category No: 222/2015
Department :- Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited
Name of Post :- Assistant Salesman
Time of Exam: 1.30PM to 3.15 PM
English Questions Solved
1. Karthik speaks English fluently,..........? 
(A) Does he
(B) Do he
(C) Doesn't he
(D) Don't he
Answer: C

2. Arjun had been living here....... five years
 (A) Since
 (B) For
 (C) Before
 (D) By
Answer: B

 3. I have got headache. Correct the sentence as:
  (A) I have got a headache
  (B) I got a headache
  (C) I had got headache
  (D) None
Answer: A

4. An example of compound word:
 (A) Seriousness
 (B) Table cloth
 (C) Horizontal
 (D) Parallel
Answer: B

5. A synonym of pleasant:
(A) Cheerful
(B) Beautiful
(C) Rival
(D) Colourful
Answer: A

6. Tom asked the stranger, 'where did you go'? The sentence can be reported as Tom asked the stranger:
 (A) Where he has gone
 (B) Where he had gone
 (C) Where he went
 (D) Where do you go
Answer: B

 7. Elephant is the......... animal on land. 
 (A) Biggest
 (B) Bigger
 (C) Big
 (D) None
Answer: A

 8. Success and......... are two sides of a coin.
 (A) Grace
 (B) Willingness
 (C) Failure
 (D) Fragrance
Answer: C

 9. One who hates mankind is:
 (A) Optimist
 (B) Pessimist
 (C) Misanthropist
 (D) Rationalist
Answer: C

 10. Correctly spelt word is:
 (A) Counsilor
 (B) Counselor
 (C) Counsellor
 (D) Counsoler
Answer: C

 11. Noun form of evaporate is:
 (A) Evaporatant
 (B) Evaporance
 (C) Evaporation
 (D) Evaporated
Answer: C

12. Everything is in order refer to:
 (A) Allright
 (B) Alright
 (C) Allready
 (D) Already
Answer: B

13. A fish of water means:
 (A) to be in uncomfortable position
 (B) to be in comfortable position
 (C) to be in an easy way
 (D) None
Answer: A

 14. A litter of:
 (A) Cats
 (B) Cows
 (C) Bats
 (D) Puppies
Answer: D

15. Plural form of goose is:
 (A) Goose
 (B) Gooses
 (C) Geese
 (D) Geeses
Answer: C

16. I prefer chocolates....... nuts.
 (A) Than
 (B) To
 (C) Less than
 (D) More than
Answer: B

17.Yesterday l met...... old man.
  (A) an
 (B) a
 (C) The
 (D) None
Answer: A

 18. One of the man....... attended the meetting.
 (A) have
 (B) is
 (C) has
 (D) are
Answer: C

19. Rahul usually....... newspaper in the morning.
 (A) Read
 (B) Reads
 (C) Has read
 (D) Reading
Answer: B

20. If you study well, you:
 (A) Will succeed
 (B) Succeed
 (C) Will have succeed
 (D) Would succeed
Answer: A

ANSWER KEY FOR BOOKLET A (Please refer your question paper and cross check)
1 C Digital India
2 B P.R.Sreejesh
3 D Madhya Pradesh
4 B London
5 D Puthucherry
6 C Angus Deaton
7 A Vaghbhatananda
8 B Eritrea
9 C Ninth Plan
10 B August (World Traditional Knowledge Day)
11 A P.V.Sindhu
12 C Kinfra
13 B Epigraphy
14 C MukuthiSamaram
15 B Francois Hollande
16 C Charminar
17 C Oct. 12,1993
18 D Article 51A
19 A Kayyur Rebellion
20 C R.K.Mathur
21 B Krishna
22 A Google
23 A Porbandar
24 B Gujarati
25 C Federal Bank
26 B Appololl
27 B Bala Gangadhara Tilak
28 C Marlon James
29 A Santhara
30 C Amitabh Kanth
31 B Gadhika
32 C Mysore Palace
33 A Markandey Katju
34 A S. Joseph
35 B Real Madrid and FC Barcelona
36 C Bihar
37 D Kamal
38 C Oct. 17,2000
39 D Kalpanal
40 D Assam
41 D Kalpetta
42 A Nadhula Pass
43 A Manampur Rajan Babu
44 D Bhavnagar
45 D SriLanka
46 A Rohit Sharma
47 D Operation Maithri
48 B Pampadi John Joseph
49 D Kannadi
50 A Vancouver
51 D Haryana
52 B JayantiPatnaik
53 D Begum Hazrat Mahal
54 B B.R.Ambedkar
55 A Juno
56 D Thanichalla Njan
57 A 9-Feb
58 D Lionel Messi
59 D Punjab
60 A May 17 1998
61 C has
62 B to
63 A an
64 A will succeed
65 B reads
66 B for
67 C doesn’t he?
68 A biggest
69 A I have got a headache.
70 B where he had gone
71 B table cloth
72 A cheerful
73 C failure
74 C Mosanthropist
75 C Counsellor
76 D Puppies
77 C Evaporation
78 A to be in an uncomfortable position
79 B Alright
80 C Geese
81 B 2
82 No answer
83 C 0.000008
84 B 33.33%
85 C 1680
86 B 42,63
87 B 62 km/hr
88 A 1/3 part
89 B 13
90 C 40
91 B 16,22
92 B 4.30
93 C 4-Jan
94 No answer
95 C Two-by-six
96 A 1
97 B 27
98 D 410
99 C Tuesday

100 D 400
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