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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Current Affairs Quiz Questions – 14 June 2016

Hi Aspirants, here is the Current Affairs Quiz for 14 June 2016. This questions will be very useful for all upcoming exams.

Current Affairs Quiz 14 June 2016

Questions for the day. Click the ‘START QUIZ’ button to start the quiz.
1. World Blood Donor Day is observed on?
(A) 13 June
(B) 14 June
(C) 15 June
(D) 16 June

2. India and Ghana have recently (June 2016) signed three bilateral agreements to strengthen co-operation in varied fields. Name the capital of Ghana?
(A) Copenhagen
(B) Port-au-Prince
(C) Accra
(D) Victoria

3. Who of the following assumed charge as the Chief Justice of the Manipur High Court on 13 June 2016?
(A) Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad
(B) Justice R K Mathur
(C) Justice Ashok Bhusan
(D) Justice J Chelemeswar

4. Who has won the 2016 Canada Grand Prix title of Formula One?
(A) Lewis Hamilton
(B) Sebastian Vettel
(C) Valtteri Bottas
(D) Nico Rosberg

5. Which entity will acquire professional social platform LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, as was announced on 13 June 2016?
(A) Facebook
(B) Google
(C) Twitter
(D) Microsoft

6. Which among the following country is not participating in the Joint Naval Exercise Malabar 2016?
(A) China
(B) India
(C) Japan

7. Name the theme of the 2016 World Blood Donors Day?
(A) Thank you for saving my life
(B) Safe blood for saving mothers
(C) Give the gift of life
(D) Blood connects us all

8. Writer Mudrarakshasa who died on 13 June 2016 was famous in which language?
(A) Tamil
(B) Urdu
(C) Hindi
(D) Bengali

9. Name the e-ticketing company in which Ratan Tata recently invested?
(A) Book My Show
(B) Kyazoonga
(C) Goal
(D) None of these

10. Name of the web portal and mobile app that will be launched by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development for IIT JEE aspirants?
(B) Vidya Lakshmi
(C) Aspirants Guru
(D) None of these

1) Ans. (B) 14 June 2016 Theme: “Blood connects us all”
2) Ans. (C) Accra
3) Ans. (A) Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad
4) Ans. (A) Lewis Hamilton
5) Ans. (D) Microsoft
6) Ans. (A) China
7) Ans. (D)  Blood connects us all
8) Ans. (C) Hindi
9) Ans. (B) Kyazoonga
10) Ans. (A) IITPAL
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