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Monday, April 4, 2016

GK Questions asked in 4 April 2016 Railway RRB Exam

Hi Aspirants..Here are the General Awareness questions asked in today’s (04/04/2016) Railway RRB Exam 2016. This will be useful for those having exams in coming days. All the Best. We will add more questions shortly. 
Railway Exam April 2016 GK

1st Shift Questions
1. What is Victoria memorial? - Museum
2. Who Indian was the brand ambassador of syechelles? - AR Rahman
3. Partition of Bengal was done under? - Lord Curzon
4. What is full form of NASA? - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
5. Where is ISRO Head quarters? - Bangalore
6. What is the full form of GSM? - Global System for Mobile Communication
7. What is the full form of DNA? - Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid
8. Kanchenjauga is? - Himalyas
9. What is the Full form of RAM? - Random Access Memory
10. What are the 4 key eliments of Amino Acid? - Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon
11. Who was Ccharles Correa? - Architect
12. On which planet NASA found water? - Mars
13. When is Earth Day? - 22 April
14. Who wrote calvin and hobbes comic strip? - Bill Watterson
15. Who was the Governor General after Mountbatten? - C. Rajagopalachari
16. Name of India's first satellite? - Aryabhata
17. Who wrote unknown Indian? - Nirad C. Chaudhuri
18. Name of parent company of Google? - Alphabet
19. Which is Laccadive sea? - Lakshadweep Sea
20. When was economic liberalisation in India started? - 1991
21. What is the Full form of CPU? - Central Processing Unit
22. Father of white revolution? - Varghese Kurien
23. What was the first football player from the Indian Sub continent to play for a European Club? - Mohammed Saleem
24. Which two Indian cities, were added to the creative city network of UNESCO in Dec 2015? - Varanasi, Jaipur
25. Thermostat is a device in ovens which helps to maintain a temperature by? - Regulating flow of heat
26. Who was the Confucius? - Chinese Philosopher
27. Who is PV Sindu? - Badminton Player
28. What did Dmitri mendeleev formulate? - Periodic Table
29. Galvanization is a process in which a layer of zinc is put on iron objects to prvent them from? - Rust
30. What do the terms Geocentric and Heliocentric refer to? - Earth centered, Sun centered
31. Kangchenjauga is? - Himalayas
32. What is the name of the Tablet computer produced by Data wind which is promoted by the GOVT of India as part of an e-learning program? - Aakash
33. Which of the following names is Nilanjana Sudeshna, an Indian American Author popularly known as? - Jhumpa Lahari
34. What is the unit of length used in formally to express astronomical distances? - AU
35. The purple frontier, the Earth dragon and the outer fortresses, all refer to? - Great wall of china
2nd Shift Questions
1. Indian Institute of Vegetable Research is located at? - Varanasi
2. Einstein got the Nobel Prize for his theory of? - Law of Photoelectric effect
3. What is the full form of UPS? - Uninterruptible Power Supply
4. Richest Source of Vitamin A is? - Carrots
5. Yellow color in Papaya is because of? - Carotene
6. In the rebellion of 1857, maximum number of soldiers were in? - Awadh
7. Why does Government of India act 1935 was important? - It is the main source of Indian Constitution
8. Servant of India Society was founded by? - Gopal Krishna Gokhale
9. What is true about Zika Virus? - It’s transmitted by aedes mosquitoes.
10. Where is Valley national Park? - Ohio, United States
11. What is the full form of IPTL? - International Premier Tennis League
3rd Shift Questions
1. South Africa currency? - Rand
2. What is the national game of China? - Table Tennis
3. What are the number of players in polo? - 4
4. First woman doctor in world? - Elizabeth Blackwell
5. How many Muscles uses for eye ball? - 6 Muscles
6. Nearest galaxy to milkway? - Andromeda galaxy
7. Who commisioned Taj Mahal? - Shah Jahan
8. Who build jantarmater in Delhi? - Sawai Jai Singh II

9. Which Acid is present in grapes? - Tartaric
More questions will be added soon.
GK Questions asked in 4 April 2016 Railway RRB Exam Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 4.4.16 Rating: 5 Hi Aspirants..Here are the General Awareness questions asked in today’s (04/04/2016) Railway RRB Exam 2016. This will be useful for those ...

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