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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Current Affairs Quiz – 27 April 2016

Hi Aspirants, here is the daily Current Affairs Quiz from 27 April 2016 useful for all upcoming exams. Also check the important happenings of 27 April 2016 from here.

Current Affairs Quiz 27 April 2016

Questions for the day. Click the ‘START QUIZ’ button to start the quiz.

1. The committee that was established to revamp the Central Board of Film Certification submitted its report 27 April 2016. Who headed the committee?
(A) Adoor Gopalakrishnan
(B) Amitabh Bachan
(C) Shyam Benegal
(D) Nasarudhin Shah

2. Union Railway Ministry has recently decided to create a ___ lakh crore rupees safety fund named Rashtriya Rail Sanraksha Kosh to strengthen safety measures on the rail network to prevent accidents?
(A) 1 lakh crore rupees
(B) 2  lakh crore rupees
(C) 3  lakh crore rupees
(D) 4  lakh crore rupees

3. Heart of Asia (HoA) conference began on 27 April 2016 at?
(A) Beijing
(B) Dhaka
(C) Colombo
(D) New Delhi

4. Riyad Mahrez of which country recently became the first African footballer to win the Professional Footballers Association’s (PFA) Player of the Year award?
(A) Algeria
(B) Nigeria
(C) South Africa
(D) Kenya

5. International Cricket Council (ICC) on 26 April 2016 suspended the Cricket Association of which country in view of government interference in the board?
(A) West Indies
(B) Afghanistan
(C) Pakistan
(D) Nepal

6. Who was recently appointed as amicus curiae to implement Justice RM Lodha committee recommendations in BCCI?
(A) Kapil Sibal
(B) Gopal Subramanium
(C) Subramanium Swamy
(D) Vinod Rai

7. A massive fire on 26 April 2016 destroyed the National Museum of Natural History located at?
(A) Chennai
(B) Hyderabad
(C) New Delhi
(D) Mumbai

8. Name the Badminton Ace who in April 2016 became the first non-Cricketer to be inducted into the Legends Club?
(A) Prakash Padukone
(B) Nandu Natekar
(C) Syed Modi
(D) Pullela Gopichand

9. Who recently became the sixth cricketer to be inducted into Legends Club founded by the late Cricket Club of India (CCI) president Raj Singh Dungarpur?
(A) Sachin Tendulkar
(B) Ravi Shastri
(C) Sunil Gavaskar
(D) Kapil Dev

10. International Mother Earth Day is observed on?
(A) 22 April
(B) 27 April
(C) 26 April
(D) 24 April

1) Ans. (C) Shyam Benegal
2) Ans. (A) 1 lakh crore rupees
3) Ans. (D) New Delhi
4) Ans. (A) Algeria
5) Ans. (D) Nepal
6) Ans. (B) Gopal Subramanium
7) Ans. (C) New Delhi
8) Ans. (B) Nandu Natekar
9) Ans. (D) Kapil Dev
10) Ans. (A) 22 April
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