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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Solved GK Questions - KPSC Divisional Accountant Exam held on 23 January 2016

Hi Aspirants..Here is the solved GK Questions of the statewide Divisional Accountant Exam conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) on 23 January 2016. We will update the complete answer key and question paper of this exam soon.

1. ‘Murugan’ was the deity worshipped by the people of
A) Neytal B) Mullai C) Palai D) Kurinchi
Ans.D) Kurinchi

2. The second capital of Ezhimala Kingdom was
A) Eli B) Baliapattom C) Pazhi D) None ofthese
Ans. C) Pazhi

3. Who was not an astronomer in ancient Kerala
A) Haridatta B) Sthanu Ravi C) Govinda Swami D) Sankaranarayana
Ans. B) Sthanu Ravi 
Kerala PSC Exam 2016

4. The first Speaker of Indian Lok Sabha is
A) M.A. Iyyengar B) G. V. Mavlankar C) G. B. Panth D) None of these
Ans. B) G. V. Mavlankar

5. Who is the founder of ‘Mitavadi’
A) C. Krishnan (B) Moorkkothu Kumaran C) T.K. Madhavan D) K. Sukumaran
Ans. A) C. Krishnan

6. Annie Besant chaired a political conference in Malabar held at
A) Manjeri B) Ottappalam C) Vatakara D) Kannur
Ans.  B) Ottappalam

7. Which is not a work of Vakkom Moulavi
A) Muslim B) AI lslam C) AlBayan D) Swadeshabhimani
Ans.C) AlBayan

8. The Sadhujana Paripalana Yogam was established in
A) 1903 B) 1907 C) 1908 D) None ofthese
Ans. B) 1907

9. in the National Film Awards announced in March 2015, the best popular film
award goes to
A) Court B) Khwada C) Asha for Ja or Majhe D) None of these
Ans. D) None of these [Mary Kom was the best popular film]

10. August Kranti Maidan is connected with
A) Quit India Movement B) B. I. N. Mutiny C) l. N. A. Trials D) August Offer
Ans. A) Quit India Movement

11. Kanhu Murmu was the leader of
A) Pabna Uprising B) Munda Rebellion C) Santhal Rebellion D) Bhills Movement
Ans. C) Santhal Rebellion

12. Guruvayur Satyagraha was inspired by a resolution passed in the political conference held at
A) Guruvayur B) Manjeri C) Vatakara D) Calicut
Ans. C) Vatakara

13. Which is not a work of lrayimman Thampi
A) Keechaka Vadham B) Uttara Swayamvaram C) Dakshayagam D) Ravanavijayam
Ans. D) Ravanavijayam

14. The first conference of Kochi Rajya Praja Mandalam was held at
A) Irinjalakkuda B) Thrissur C) Aluva D) Kochi
Ans. A) Irinjalakkuda

15. Who is known as Dharmaraja
A) lndukotha B) Karthika Tirunal C) Ayiliam Tirunal D) Utram Tirunal
Ans. B) Karthika Tirunal

16. The Indian author who is awarded Fukuoka Prize in 2015 is
A) Mahashweta Devi B) lrlan Habib C) Nalini Malani D) Ramachandra Guha
Ans. D) Ramachandra Guha

17. Who is known as the father of ‘Panchayati Raj’ system
A) Gandhiji B) Rajiv Gandhi C) Ashoka Mehta D) Balwant Roy Mehta
Ans. D) Balwant Roy Mehta

18. Who was not involved in the Faqir uprising of 1776-77
A) Wilayat Ali B) Bhavani Pathak C) Majnum Shah D) Chirag Ali Shah
Ans. A) Wilayat Ali

19. During the Revolt of 1857 the movement in Rohilkhand was led by
A) KunwarSingh B) Dost Khan C) Khan Bahadur Khan D) Raghunath Singh
Ans. C) Khan Bahadur Khan

20. Ramabai, wife of MG. Ranade, was the founder of
A) Bharath Sthree Mahamandal B) Sharda Sadan C) Bharath Mahila Parishat D) Arya Mahila Samaj

Ans. C) Bharath Mahila Parishat

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Solved GK Questions - KPSC Divisional Accountant Exam held on 23 January 2016 Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 24.1.16 Rating: 5 Hi Aspirants..Here is the solved GK Questions of the statewide Divisional Accountant Exam conducte...

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