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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Current Affairs Online Quiz – 24 December 2015

Hi Aspirants.. Here is the Current Affairs Quiz Questions for 24 December 2015. Trending topics for the day include National Consumers Right Day, INS Godavari, Idea 4G, pre-2005 currency notes, World Tsunami Awareness Day, India-Russia Annual Summit etc. You can check details from each question by attempting quiz. We have made the quiz more interesting by adding pictures and explanation for answers. Please comment your suggestions for further improvement. 
Current Affairs Quiz 24 December 2015

Questions for the day. Click the ‘START QUIZ’ button to start the quiz.

1) National Consumers Right Day was observed across India on?
(A) 24 December
(B) 23 December
(C) 22 December
(D) 21 December

2) Name India’s first indigenously designed warship which has been decommissioned after 32 years of service on 23 December 2015?
(A) INS Shalki
(B) INS Godavari
(C) INS Vikrant
(D) INS Kamorta

3) Lok Sabha on 22 December 2015 passed The Payment of Bonus (Amendment) Bill, 2015. Bill seeks to amend the Payment of Bonus Act, ____?
(A) 1957
(C) 1964
(C) 1965
(D) 1973

4) _____ on 23 December 2015 became the third mobile operator in India to launch 4G services in India?
(A) Bharti Airtel
(B) Vodafone
(D) Idea Cellular

5) Reserve Bank of India on 23 December 2015 extended the deadline for exchanging pre-2005 currency notes of various denominations by another six months to?
(A) 31 March 2016
(B) 30 June 2016
(C) 31 May 2016
(D) 1 July 2016

6) Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar  on 24 December 2015 dedicated the first cable-stayed bridge of North India to the nation in which state?
(A) Jammu and Kashmir
(B) Haryana
(C) Himachal Pradesh
(D) Punjab

7) United Nations General Assembly on 22 December 2015 adopted a resolution to observe ______ every year as World Tsunami Awareness Day?
(A) 25 December
(B) 24 December
(C) 5 November
(D) 15 April

8) Who was on 23 December 2015 appointed as the High Commissioner of India to Pakistan?
(A) TCA Raghavan
(B) YK Sinha
(C) Sharat Sabharwal
(D) Gautam Bambawale

9)  The 16th India-Russia Annual Summit was held on 24 December 2015 in which city?
(A) Moscow
(B) Ufa
(C) Saint Petersburg
(D) Novosibirsk

10) Chilukoti Kashi Viswanath who passed away on 22 December 2015 was a actor and dialogue writer in?
(A) Malayalam
(B) Tamil
(C) Kannada
(D) Telugu
Attempt Quiz to check the right answers. 
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Current Affairs Online Quiz – 24 December 2015 Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 24.12.15 Rating: 5 Hi Aspirants.. Here is the Current Affairs Quiz Questions for 24 December 2015. Trending topics fo...

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