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Thursday, July 23, 2015

GK Updates for RBI Assistant Exam 2015

Friends..Here are some questions from banking awareness useful for upcoming RBI Assistant Exam scheduled to be held in August 2015. We have added these questions to our Quiz Website so that you can attempt quiz like an online exam and check your live score. Attempt and comment your suggestions. 
RBI Assistant GK Capsule 2015

Questions covered by us today. Some are previously asked questions in RBI Assistant Exam 2015.

(For better experience, attempt quiz from our Quiz Website--> Banking Awareness Quiz)
1. Which of the following terms is not directly associated with the functioning of RBI?
(A) Open Market Operations
(B) Cash Reserve Ratio
(D) Liquidity Adjustment Facility
(E) Public Debt Office

2. What does the letter F denote in ‘NBFCs’, a term seen very frequently in banking world these days?
(A) Formal
(B) Fiscal
(C) Federal
(D) Functional
(E) Financial

3. Which of the following services products of banks is specially designed and launched to help students?
(A) Personal loan
(B) Corporate loan
(C) Business loan
(D) Medical loan
(E) Education loan

4. Cash Reserve Ratio is maintained in the form of:
(A) Government securities
(B) Balance with Reserve Bank of India
(C) Balance with State Bank of India
(D) All of the above
(E) None of the above

5. Which of the following is a development bank
(C) Axis Bank
(D) Development Credit Bank
(E) None of these

6. India’s wage policy is based on
(A) Cost of Living
(B) Standard of Living
(C) Per capita Income
(D) Whole sale price Index
(E) None of these

7. Banking Regulation Act, 1949, does not, at all apply to
(A) Nationalised Banks
(B) State Bank of India and its Subsidiaries
(C) Foreign banks having branches in India
(D) Primary agricultural credit societies
(E) None of the above

8. For filing and resolving customer complaints, theBanking Ombudsman?
(A) charges a fee of Rs. 500
(B) does not charge any fee
(C) charges a fee of Rs. 1500
(D) charges a fee of Rs. 1000
(E) None of these

9. Banks in India are regulated under __ ?
(A) Companies Act, 1956
(B) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
(C) Reserve Bank of India Act, 1924
(D) Special powers conferred on the RBI
(E) None of these

10. Many times we read in newspapers that the RB! has revised certain rates/ratios under LAF. What is the full form of LAF ?
(A) Legal Adjustment Facility
(B) Liquidity Adjustment Facility
(C) Long-term Achievement Facility
(D) Legal Adjustment Formality
(E) None of the above
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