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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Daily GK Updates: 15 July 2015

Friends..Here is the Daily GK Updates for 15 July 2015 useful for all upcoming exams like SSC CGL 2015, SSC CHSL 2015, SBI PO Mains, RBI/FCI Assistant, IBPS RRB/PO 2015, OICL Assistant, Civil Service Prelims etc. Don’t forget to attempt Current Affairs Quiz 2015 daily. 
GK Updates 15 July 2015

Questions for the day.
1) In which Governor General’s reign was the first train service started in 1853 ?
(A) Lord William Bentick
(B) Lord Cornwallis
(C) Lord Canning 
(D) Lord Dalhousie

2) “Din- i-Ilahi” was  founded  by?
(A) Guru Nanak Dev 
(B) Kabir 
(C) Akbar 
(D) Shah Iahan

3) Who was the Prime Minister of Britain when India got the Freedom ?
(A) Clement Atlee
(B) Winston Churchill 
(C) Neville Chamberlain
(D) None of the above

4) Which state is bound by Bangladesh on three sides ?
(A) Mizorarn  
(B) Meghalaya   
(C) Tripura  
(D) West Bengal

5) Who said the following lines about Gandhi-”The generation to come, it may be, scarcely believe that such a man as this, ever in flesh and blood, walked upon the earth”.
(A) Leo Tolstoy  
(B) Albert Einstein   
(C) Bernard Shaw   
(D) Bertrand Russell

6) Which part of the Constitution of India refers to the responsibility of the state towards International Peace and Security ?
(A)  Fundamental Rights  
(B) Directive Principles
(C) Preamble  
(D)  None of the above

7) Which river is also referred as ‘Dakshin Ganga’ ?
(A) Mahanadi 
(B) Krishna 
(C) Cauvery 
(D) Godavari

8) The Sarvodaya Movement was started by?
(A) Mahatma Gandhi 
(B) Jayprakash Narayan 
(C) Vinoba bhave 
(D) Jyotiba Phule

9) Where are Borra caves located ?
(A) Odisha  
(B) Madhya Pradesh  
(C) Maharashtra  
(D) Andhra Pradesh

10) Which organ of the body is affected by Leukoderma ?
(A) Heart  
(B) Kidney  
(C) Lungs   
(D) Skin
Attempt Quiz to know the correct answers.
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