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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Answer Key & Solved Question of KPSC Municipal/Block Panchyat Secretary Exam 4 July 2015

Friends..Here is the Solved Question Paper with Answer Key of today's (04 July 2015) Kerala PSC Municipal/Block Panchyat Secretary Exam. In this Part-1 we have covered General Knowledge. In our subsequent posts, we will be posting the remaining parts. So keep visiting.
1. Which of the following is not a viral disease?
(A)Avion flue
(B) Malaria
(C) Sars
(D) Dengue fever
Ans. (B) Malaria 
Kerala PSC Municipal/Block Panchyat Secretary Exam

2. Richard Stallman is in connection with :
(A) Internet
(B) Free operating system
(C) Computer virus
(D) Search engine
Ans. (B) Free operating system

3. Who among the following in India was the first winner of Nobel prize in Physics?
(A) S. Chandrasekharan
(B) C.V. Raman
(C) V. Ramakrishnan
(D) Hargovind Khorane
Ans. (B) C.V. Raman

4. Over production of which hormone leads to exophthalmic goiture?
(A) Iodine
(B) Insulin
(C) Thyroxine
Ans. (C) Thyroxine

5. A liquid having pH value more than 7 is :
(A) Citric acid
(B) Lime water
(C) Soda water
(D) Vinagiri
Ans. (B) Lime water

6. Which among the following is not correctly paired?
(A) Dynamo — Alfred Nobel
(C) Computer — Charles Babbage
(B) Television — J.L. Baird
(D) DDT — Pole Muller
Ans. (A) Dynamo — Alfred Nobel

7. The instrument used to measure the growth of plant is :
(A) Durometer
(B) Auxanometer
(C) Potometer
(D) Cryometer
Ans. (B) Auxanometer

8. Which one among the following is a molecular scissor?
(A) Ligas
(B) Restriction endonuclease
(C) Super bugs
(D) Endrophyl
Ans. (B) Restriction endonuclease

9. The first nuclear reactor in India, is :
(A) Saras
(B) Param 9000
(C) Apsara
(D Durga
Ans. (C) Apsara

10. Which element is in chlorophyll?
(A) Na
(B) K
(C) Mg
(D) Ca
Ans. (C) Mg

11. "One Vision, One Identity, One Community" is the motto of which of the following organisations?
Ans. (B) ASEAN

12. What is the ordinal number of Ban Ki Moon as the Secretary General of U.N.O.?
(A) Seventh
(B) Ninth
(C) Tenth
(D) Eighth
Ans. (D) Eighth

13. Which year was declared as the international year of Family Farming?
(A) 2013
(B) 2014
(C) 2015
(D) 2016
Ans. (B) 2014

14. Nobel Prize for Literature for 2013 was awarded to :
(A) Alice Munro
(B) Eleanor Carlon
(C) Martin Karplus
(D) James E. Rothman
Ans. (A) Alice Munro

15. Asian Games 2014 was held at :
(A) Tokyo
(B) Hanoy
(C) Incheon
(D) Colombo
Ans. (C) Incheon

16. The Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act was enacted in :
(A) 2008
(B) 2009
(C) 2010
(D) 2012
Ans. (C) 2010

17. The founder of Wiki Leaks is :
(A) Bill Gates
(B) Julian Assange
(C) Gill Abramson
(D) Jacob.J.Lew
Ans. (B) Julian Assange

18. The Seventeenth SAARC Summit was held at :
(A) New Delhi
(B) Colombo
(C) Thimpu
(D) Addu
Ans. (D) Addu

19. Rajeev Awaas Yojana aims at :
(A) Poverty Free India
(B) Slum Free India
(C) Rural Employment
(D) Rural Road Development
Ans. (B) Slum Free India

20. The new name of Planning Commission :
(B) Bharat Ayog
(C) NITI Ayog
(D) NEET Ayog
Ans. (C) NITI Ayog

21. What was the original name of Chattampi Swamikal?
(A) Kunjan Pillai
(B) Raman Pillai
(C) Thanu Pillai
(D) Rajappan Pillai
Ans. (A) Kunjan Pillai

22. Who is Pulaya Raja in Kerala Renaissance Movement?
(A) Kumaran Asan
(B) Ayyankali
(C) Sree Narayana Guru
(D) Vagbhatananda
Ans. (B) Ayyankali

23. Which is the largest backwater in Kerala?
(A) Vembanad kayal
(B) Ashtamudi kayal
(C) Sasthamkotta kayal
(D) Kayamkulam kayal
Ans. (A) Vembanad kayal

24. In which year Sree Narayana Guru established a Siva temple at Aruvippuram?
(A) 1880
(B) 1885
(C) 1886
(D) 1887
Ans. No correct Answer

25. A famous renaissance leader of Kerala who founded Atma Vidya Sangham?
(A) V.T. Bhattathiripad
(B) Poikayil Yohannan
(C) Pandit Karuppan
(D) Vagbhatananda
Ans. (D) Vagbhatananda
Part 2 will be updated soon..Keep visiting!!
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