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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Today's SBI PO Prelims Review: 20 June 2015 (First Day, First Shift) - Sharon

Friends.. Here is the review of First Shift 8.00am SBI PO Prelims Exams shared by our follower Sharon from Kerala. We are very thankful to him for sharing his experience in detail.

Hi friends I am Sharon from Kerala. Today (June 20, 2015) attempted the SBI PO Prelims in first day first shift. For so long I have been waiting to write an online exam. Even though I applied for SBI Associate Clerk and IBPS PO last year due to some personal reasons I couldn't write it. So it was my first online Exam and i was very excited and at the same time tensed too. SBI has tested me even before my prelims by allotting me a centre which was about 50-60 km away from my home and that too in the first shift at 08.00AM. Left home morning 4'o clock thinking that i shouldn't miss an online exam this time too. There were not that much traffic as I expected and so reached the venue at around 7.00 AM. To be frank when I reached the venue, the security was the only person available. Waited there for 15-20 minutes. Slowly one by one SBI PO Aspirants started flowing to the venue. By around 7.45 the entry hall was almost full with our colleagues (SBI PO Aspirants) and their parents. It was the parents who were more tensed than their children who were waiting to enter the exam hall. Like always there were many of our so called lazy aspirants who have not brought Print out of Hall Ticket/Photocopy of ID Card/ID Card itself. Seems that some have come from the bed from last night's sleep staright to the exam centre. The college authorities of my venue were very helpful that they arranged printout/photocopy facility. I was very disappointed that in my venue there were only boys and no girls :(   Just for comic...Throw my story apart, let's come to the exam. I know that's what u all have been waiting for. 
20 June 2015 SBI PO Prelims Review

My First Online Exam experience

Entered the exam hall ( a computer lab of an engineering college) at around 8.10 AM on calling of my name by the Invigilator. On entry the Invigilator first asked me to hand over the Call Letter, Original ID and Photocopy of the same. Actually I had printed both the pages of the call letter and they threw away the second page containing instructions :D  Then that madam asked me to Sign and mark left thump impression in two separate papers that were available with her. Then instructed to mark thumb impression in space provided in the call letter also. Then she handed everything back along with a blank paper for rough work and allotted a computer number and directed me to sit against that system. Find my place and sat down. At that time a display was available in the screen showing my name and Photograph. I don't exactly remember the text in it. But something like SBI PO Prelims 2015.. Your Roll Number is ... and Your Name .... In case of discrepancy in Name and Roll Number shown, bring it to the notice of invigilator something. Then at the middle showing my Roll Number and blank space to enter my password with a button in green showing sign in. But at that stage even if we enter and sign in, it will not get logged in, else show a error message. So don't login and wait for the instructions. All this finished by around 8.30.

Then that madam asked all of us to write Roll Number and Register Number in the photocopy of ID card and then to sign it. Then she directed us to write Reg No, Roll No., Password in the blank paper. First i thought why that is for. Then one guy sitting next to me told that they will collect the admit card once exam starts. At 8.50 instructions were given to login. There were special instructions that we should use only mouse to enter the password by using virtual key board available in the screen and not to use the keyboard during the entire exam. I logged in. Then as like the agreements papers of Insurance companies there were two to three I agree proceed buttons and screens. Actually that were instructions reagarding how to write the online exam and I didn't bothered it and clicked tick and proceed buttons where ever I seen that. One thing I noticed that was given in bold "Don't use the Keyboard once the exam starts because that will lock the exam." On seeing that i kept my keyboard aside. Because if i erroneously press any key during some calculations or some thing, my first online exam will, turn out to be a tragedy.

At last they shown a text link I Agree proceed to exam. On clicking that a message was shown like this "Your exam will start at 09.00". Then again waited for 5 minutes. These are the most boring parts of these exams to be frank. Exact at 09.00AM a message was shown, you can start your exam now. So clicked and  entered. It was a special moment, because you could hear around 40 mouse clicks at same time. Then enetered the exam screen. Time was shown on the top right. Three Sections English, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning will be shown above. You can start any section as per your wish. If you want to skip a questions click "Save for review and next". If you want to mark an answer click on the option and then click "save and next". Questions in each section will be numbered from 1 to 35 or 30. At the right side, your current question will be shown in brown colour, answered questions will be shown in "green" and questions marked for review will be shown in "violet". So these are the sidelines in the exam. You might be reading this article for a while, so getting you bored. Go refresh and come, I will post my review on questions asked in the next part.

If you attempted today's exam, you too can share your review with us using the following Google Form-->SBI PO 2015 Exam Review & Questions 
Today's SBI PO Prelims Review: 20 June 2015 (First Day, First Shift) - Sharon Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 20.6.15 Rating: 5 Friends.. Here is the review of First Shift 8.00am SBI PO Prelims Exams shared by our follower Sharon from Kerala . We are very thankful t...

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