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Saturday, May 2, 2015

QA questions for SBI PO 2015 Prelims

Solve yourself first and comment your answers. Then cross check with the answer key given below. In case of confusing questions.. share your steps also. Discuss and study!!

1) If the duty on an article is reduced by 40% of its present rate, by how much percent must the consumption increase in order that the revenue remains unaltered?
(A) 182/3 %
(B) 194/3 %
(C) 200/3 %
(D) None of these

2) Income of two companies A and B are in the ratio of 5:8. Had the income of company ‘A’ been more by 25 Lakhs, the ratio of their income would have been 5:4 respectively. What is the income of company ‘B’?
(A) 50 Lakhs
(B) 60 Lakhs
(C) 80 Lakhs
(D) 40 Lakhs

3) The height of a room is 5 m and capacity is 500 cu. m. If the room is square, how much paper of two metre width is required to cover the walls:
(A) 120 m
(B) 90 m
(C) 100 m
(D) None of these

4) Two vessels A and B contain acid and water mixed in the ratio 2:3 and 4:3. In what ratio must these mixtures be mixed to form a new mixture containing half acid and half water?
(A) 7:5
(B) 5:7
(C) 3:5
(D) None of these

5) Three men A B C do a piece of work in 4 hrs, 2 hrs and 1 hr respectively. On a particular day only any two are likely to come. The difference between the quickest possible completion and slowest possible completion will be:
(A) 0.66 hrs
(B) 0.80 hrs.
(C) 1.00 hr.
(D) None of these

6) A water tank is hemispherical below and cylindrical at the top. If the radius is 12 m and capacity is 3312pi m3, the height of the cylindrical portion in metres is:
(A) 12
(B) 13
(C) 15
(D) None of these

7) 10 sheep and 5 goats were bought for Rs.6000. If the average price of a sheep is Rs.450, find the average price of goat:
(A) 370
(B)  355
(C) 325
(D) 300

8) If three metallic spheres of radii 6 cms, 8 cms and 10 cms are melted to from a single sphere, the diameter of the new sphere will be:
(A) 12 cms
(B) 24 cms
(C) 30 cms
(D) None of these

9) If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and the width is decreased by 20%, the area of the rectangle:
(A) Decreases by 20%
(B) Decreases by 4%
(C) Increases by 40%
(D) Remains unchanged

10) Sixty men can build a wall in 40 days, but though they begin the work together, 5 men quit every ten days. The time needed to build the wall is:
(A) 47.5 days
(B) 45 days
(C) 49.5 days

(D) None of these
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1) Ans. (C) 200/3 %
2) Ans. (D) 40 Lakhs
3) Ans. (C) 100 m
4) Ans. (B) 5:7
5) Ans. (A) 0.66 hrs
6) Ans. (C) 15
7) Ans. (D) 300
8) Ans. (B) 24 cms
9) Ans. (B) Decreases by 4%
10) Ans. (A) 47.5 days
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