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Monday, May 4, 2015

Latest Current Affairs Quiz: 4 May 2015

1) Microsoft on 29 April 2015 announced its next Web Browser’s name as?
(A) Invent
(B) Edge
(C) Pluto
(D) Micro Explo

2) Which former Union Finance Minister was recently honoured with Officier de la Légion d’Honneur (Officer of the Legion of Honour), the highest French civilian distinction?
(A) Murali Manohar Joshi
(B) P Chidambaram
(C) Pranab Mukherjee
(D) Yashwant Sinha 

3) Name the Eminent scientist who was recently conferred with Japan's highest civilian award for his outstanding contributions to science and Indo-Japanese science coperation?
(A) K Radhakrishnan
(B) APJ Abdul Kalam
(C) CNR Rao
(D) TKM Nair

4)  A powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on Richter scale struck which neighboring country of India on 25 April 2015?
(A) Nepal
(B) Bhutan
(C) China
(D) Bangladesh

5) World Malaria Day is observed globally on?
(A) 21 April
(B) 25 April
(C) 27 April
(D) 30 April

6) Senior IPS officer Surender Singh was on 1 May 2015 appointed as the new DG of?

7) What is the authorized capital of each Regional Rural Bank (RRB) as per the recent amendments in Regional Rural Bank (Amendment) Bill 2014?
(A) Rs.5 crore
(B) Rs. 100 crore
(C) Rs. 1000 crore
(D) Rs. 2000 crore

8) Department of Telecom has recently extended the deadline to fully implement the mobile number portability across the country to?
(A) April 1, 2016
(B) October 2, 2015
(C) July 3, 2015
(C) January 1, 2016

9) International Labour Day is observed on?
(A) May 1
(B) April 29
(C) April 3
(D) May 2

10) NASA's Messenger spacecraft has recently crashed into the surface of which planet ending its historic 11-year mission?
(A) Saturn
(B) Mars
(C) Pluto
(D) Mercury

1) Ans. (B) Edge
2) Ans. (D) Yashwant Sinha
3) Ans. (C) CNR Rao
4) Ans. (A) Nepal
5) Ans. (B) 25 April
6) Ans. (D) CISF
7) Ans. (D) Rs. 2000 crore
8) Ans. (C) July 3, 2015
9) Ans. (A) May 1
10) Ans. (D) Mercury
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Latest Current Affairs Quiz: 4 May 2015 Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 4.5.15 Rating: 5 1) Microsoft on 29 April 2015 announced its next Web Browser’s name as? (A) Invent (B) Edge ...

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