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Monday, January 12, 2015

Daily GK Quiz: 12 January 2015

1) Who is the first chairperson of the National Commission for Women?
(A) Lalitha Kumaramangalam
(B) Dr. V.Mohini Giri
(C) Dr. Poornima Advani
(D) Jayanti Patnaik

2) India is called a tropical country mainly on account of its?
(A) Latitudinal extent
(B) Longitudinal extent
(C) Areal Size
(D) Tropical Monsoon climate

3) The constitution describes India as a?
(A) Federal State
(B) Quasi-Federal State
(C) Unitary State
(D) Union of States

4) The authority/body competent to determine the conditions of citizenship in India?
(A) The Union Cabinet   
(B) The President
(C) The Parliament 
(D) The Supreme Court

5) The longest river in Peninsular India? 
(A) Godavari 
(B) Krishna 
(C) Kaveri 
(D) Mahanadi  

6) In which Five Year Plan University Grants Commission was set up for promoting and strengthening higher education? 
(A) Eleventh 
(B) First
(C) Fifth 
(D) Third 

7) Which state is called the agricultural epitome of India? 
(A) Kerala
(B)  West Bengal 
(C) Tamil Nadu 
(D) Uttar Pradesh

8) With which of these states does Telengana not share its border?
(A) Maharashtra
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Chattisgarh
(D) Karnataka

9) Which of these banks opened its first branch in the present day Pakistani city of Lahore in 1895?
(A) Punjab and Sindh bank
(B) Syndicate bank
(C) Punjab national bank
(D) IndusInd bank

10) Which award is presented by the government of India for excellence in sports coaching?
(A) Arjuna Award
(B) Dronacharya Award
(C) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
(D) Dhyan Chand Award

1) Ans. (D) Jayanti Patnaik
2) Ans. (A) Latitudinal extent
3) Ans. (D) Union of States
4) Ans. (C) The Parliament 
5) Ans. (A) Godavari 
6) Ans. (B) First
7) Ans. (D) Uttar Pradesh
8) Ans. (B) Tamil Nadu
9) Ans. (C) Punjab national bank
10) Ans. (B) Dronacharya Award
Daily GK Quiz: 12 January 2015 Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 12.1.15 Rating: 5 1) Who is the first chairperson of the National Commission for Women? (A) Lalitha Kumaramangalam...

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