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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Current Affairs Quiz: 17 January 2015

1) Who among the following resigned as Chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) on 16 January 2015?
(A) Shaji N Karun
(B) Leela Samson
(C) Ira Bhaskar
(D) Isha Sharwani

2) Anupam Shrivastava was recently appointed as the CMD of?
(B) Coal India Ltd
(C) Air India
(D) Niti Ayog 

3) Which state government has recently appointed Baba Ramdev as its brand ambassador?
(A) Gujarat
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Jharkhand
(D) Haryana

4) What is the name of the world’s newest jetliner that took to the skies on 15 January 2015?
(A) Airbus A350
(B) Airbus A525
(C) Boeing 747
(D) None of these

5) Which Australian cricket player has announced his retirement from all the formats of game, ending a 20-year long career on 15 January 2015?
(A) Adam Gilchrist
(B) Ricky Ponting
(C) Brett Lee
(D) Shane Warne

6) RBI on 15 January 2015 decided to cut the benchmark interest rate (Repo Rate) by 0.25 per cent to ___ per cent with a view to boost growth?
(A) 8%
(B) 7.75%
(C) 7.50%
(D) 7%

7) Which state government on 15 January 2015 lifted the 17-year-old ban on consumption of liquor in the state?
(A) Kerala
(B) Karnataka
(C) Gujarat
(D) Mizoram

8) Microsoft on 15 January 2015 suspended "mainstream support" of its which popular operating system, meaning neither new features nor free help will be given to users using this OS?
(A) Widows 8
(B) Windows 7
(C) Windows Vista
(D) Windows XP

9) Army Day was recently observed on?
(A) 11 January
(B) 13 January
(C) 15 January
(D) 17 January

10) Controversial book on Sonia Gandhi 'The Red Saree' is set to be released in India by Roli Books soon. The book was first published in Spanish with the title 'El Sari Rojo' in which year?
(A) 2008
(B) 2010
(C) 2004
(D) 2014

1) Ans. (B) Leela Samson
2) Ans. (A) BSNL
3) Ans. (D) Haryana
4) Ans. (A) Airbus A350
5) Ans. (C) Brett Lee
6) Ans. (B) 7.75%
7) Ans. (D) Mizoram
8) Ans. (B) Windows 7
9) Ans. (C) 15 January
10) Ans. (A) 2008
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