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Thursday, January 1, 2015

1 January 2015 Current Affairs Quiz Questions

1) Mahendra Singh Dhoni on 30 December 2014 announced immediate retirement from which format of the cricket?
(B) Twenty-20
(C) Test
(D) All of these 

2) Commercial power generation in Kudankulam nuclear power plant started on 30 December 2014 after getting approval from the Nuclear Power Corporation. Kudankulam nuclear power plant is situated in which state?
(A) Maharashtra
(B) Karnataka
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) Tamil Nadu

3) Finance ministry has recently decided not to extend excise duty cuts on automobiles beyond December 31. The interim Budget of former finance minister P Chidambaram had reduced the excise duty on small cars, scooters, motorcycles and commercial vehicles to __% from 12%?
(A) 8%
(B) 6%
(C) 9%
(D) 10%

4) Uttrakhand Governor Aziz Qureshi was on 30 December 2014 shifted to which state?
(A) Kerala
(B) Arunachal Pradesh
(C) Mizoram
(D) Gujarat

5) Union government on 31 December 2014 has blocked access to how many websites for carrying anti-India views and spreading banned terrorist outfit Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) propaganda?
(A) 15
(B) 32
(C) 45
(D) 63

6) Government has on 31 December 2014 decided to separate the post of Chairman and Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in public sector banks. As per the Finance Ministry, the Chairman in public sector banks other than which bank will be a part- time board member henceforth?
(B) State Bank of India
(C) United Bank of India
(D) Indian Overseas Bank

7) M Sathiyavathy has recently become first woman to be appointed as Director General (DG) of?
(A) Department of Posts
(B) Central Information Commission
(C) Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)
(D) Pay Commission

8) President Pranab Mukherjee on 31 December 2014 has given his assent to NJAC Bill, 2014 that seeks to scrap the collegium system of appointing?
(A) Judges to higher judiciary
(B) Central Vigilance Commission
(C) Director of CBI
(D) Chief Information Commissioner

9) Amidst row and demonstrations over Aamir Khan-starrer 'PK', which state government has recently decided to exempt the movie from entertainment tax?
(A) Delhi
(B) Bihar
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Jammu and Kashmir

10) Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman K. Radhakrishnan retired on 31 December 2014. Who will hold additional and interim charge as Chairman of ISRO for a month or until a regular chief is named?
(A) R.S. Sharma
(B) S. Ramakrishnan
(C)  M. Chandra Dathan
(D) Shailesh Nayak

1) Ans. (C) Test
2) Ans. (D) Tamil Nadu
3) Ans. (A) 8%
4) Ans. (C) Mizoram
5) Ans. (B) 32
6) Ans. (B) State Bank of India
7) Ans. (C) Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)
8) Ans. (A) Judges to higher judiciary
9) Ans. (C) Uttar Pradesh
10) Ans. (D) Shailesh Nayak 
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