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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Today's (6 Dec 2014) IBPS Clerk Exam Evening/Afternoon Shift Questions

Friends.. Here is today's (6 December 2014) evening/afternoon shift GA & Computer Questions from IBPS Clerk Online Exam 2014. If anybody remembers more questions kindly share with us in our mail id: currentaffairs4examz@gmail.com. Thank you. 
Courtesy for the below questions for sharing with us: Sanskar Upadhyay, Sofia TM, Minmini Kumari and Meenakshi S.

General Awareness and Computer Questions
1. Full form of NPPA? - National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
2. Currency of Greece? - Euro
3. G-20 Summit in 2016 will be held at? - China (In 2015- Turkey)
4. Full form of NAV? - Net Asset Value
5. Name the new Chairman of national women commission? - Lalitha Kumarmangalm
6. Who is the chairman of the committee set up by government to identify "obsolete" laws? - R. Ramanujam, Secretary in the PMO
7. Validity of Kissan Credit Card? - 5 Years
8. Capital of Cambodia? - Phnom Penh
9. Name the World's Oldest Test Cricketer who died recently? - Norman Gordon
10. Currency of Egypt? - Egyptian pound
11. Who is the present Information and Broadcasting Minister? - Arun Jaitley
12. World Pneumonia Day is observed on? - November 12
13. KYC norms were implemented under which act? - Banking Regulation Act, 1949
14. National Unity day was celebrated on whose birth anniversary recently? - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
15. Hindu Kush mountains located in between which countries? - Afganisthan and Pakistan
16. Full form of LTV? - Loan To Value
17. Full form of NBFC? - Non Banking Finance Company
18. Ajay Jayaram is associated with which game? - Badminton
19. FEMA full form? - Foreign Exchange Management Act
20. CRISIL is? - Rating agency
21. Second longest running reactor in the world? - Rajasthan Unit 5
22. Who was recently conferred with Sumitra Charat Ram Award? - Pandit Jasraj
23. Under new Kisan Vikas Patra launched recently, money will be doubled in? -100 months
24. Which one of the following got banking license in April 2014? - IDFC
25. According to census 2011, what is the adult literacy rate? - 74.04%
26. Full form of DOS? - Disk Operating System
27. Full form of VIRUS? - Vital Information Resources under Siege
28. Full form of LSI? - Large Scale integration in Computer
29. Yaogan-23 remote sensing satellite was recently launched by? - China
30. Monetary Policy in India is regulated by? - RBI
31. European Union sanctioned against Russia over the issue on which nation? - Ukraine
32. Lenovo recently acquired Motorola Company from whom? - Google
33. FEMA full form? - Foreign Exchange Management Act
34. Which is the input device (from list given)? - Keyboard
35. Debit/Credit transaction done while buying is related to? - Point of Sale (POS)
36. Cheque is defined under which act? - Negotiable Instruments act, 1881
37. Age limit for minors to operate saving account? - 10 years
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