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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Today's (14 December 2014) IBPS Clerk Exam Questions for review- Morning Shift

Friends..In this post we are sharing the GA and Computer Questions asked in today's (14 Dec 2014) IBPS Clerk Exam. This will be useful for those having exams in coming days. If anybody remembers more questions kindly share with us in our mail id: currentaffairs4examz@gmail.com. Thank you.

Courtesy for the below questions for sharing with us: Praveen Kaushik, Meenu RS, Sreevishakh 

General Awareness and Computer  Questions
1. Maximum limit of investment in Kisa Vikas Patra? - No Limit
2. Capital of Bhutan? - Thimphu
3. Full form of WAN? - Wise Area Network
4. Baichung Bhutia is related to which sport? - Football
5. What causes ebola? - Virus
6. UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) headquarters? - Vienna
7. Who was given Indian Film Personality of the Year Award at IFFI opening ceremony? - Rajinikanth
8. How much overdraft facility is available for accounts under PMJDY? - Rs.5000/-
9. Human Rights Day is observed on? - December 10
10. Name the owners of Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. (BALCO)? - Vedanta Resources
11. In which bank LAGHU UDHYAMI account can be opened? - United Bank of India
12. NCR full form? - National Capital Region
13. Sarita Devi, who passed away recently, was related with which dance form? - Kathak
14. Book "Half Girl Friend" was written by? - Chetan Bhagath
15. RTGS full form? - Real Time Gross Settlement
16. Nalanda University is situated in which state? - Bihar
17. Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance of? - Rajasthan
18. Currency of China? - Renminbi
19. Where ISRO situated? - Karnataka
20. Which among the following is not a version of MS office? -
21. Souvik Maiti is related to which field? - Biophysical Chemistry
22. Youngest person to win Nobel prize? - Malala Yousufzai
23. International Buddhist Conference 2014 was held recentlt at? - Nepal
24.  Track Asia Cup 2014 was recently held at? - New Delhi
25. MS- DOS which type of operating system? - Command driven
26. Which of the following is not a valid version of MS-Office? -Office VISTA
27. IFSC Full form? - Indian Financial System Code
28. Which of the following provide power backup to computer system?- UPS
29. The individual dots that the image on a monitor are called? -pixel
30. How any person can understand 0,1 format ? - By decoding
31. Which of the following is harmful for information security? - VIRUS
32. Which of the following refers to an upside down mouse? -  Track ball
33. In excel how shortcut to reverse last action? - CTRL+Z
34. In 4th generation PC what is found? -MICRO PROCESSOR
35. Conversion of windows 98 to windows XP known as? - Upgrade
36. Which of the following is not found on Mother Board? - System Clock
37. Which of the following is a Input Device? - Touch Pad
38. PROM Full form? - Programmable read-only memory
39. IP full form? - Internet Protocol
40. Which of the following memory erased by ultra violet rays? - EPROM
41. Resident memory portion of operating system? - Registry
42. Moving from one website to another website called? - Surfing
43. Machine language used by computer? - Numeric
44. ANSI full form? - American National Standards Institute
45. Which of the following form the part of a complete URL need to access the web resource? - Protocol
46. NPCI launched which card recently? - RUPAY

47. BINARY number are composed of? - 0 & 1
Today's (14 December 2014) IBPS Clerk Exam Questions for review- Morning Shift Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 14.12.14 Rating: 5 Friends..In this post we are sharing the GA and Computer Questions asked in today's (14 Dec 20...


  1. paper was quite easy..so cutoff was high...any expected cutoff for obc in Andhra state..

    1. U got which centre for ibps clerk 2014 exam

  2. As per our analysis,
    Expected Cutoff's were,
    160 for OC
    155 for OBC...