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Monday, December 29, 2014

Current Affairs Quiz: 29 December 2014

1) Mahendra Singh Dhoni on 27 December 2014 broke whose record for most number of stumpings in International cricket?
(A) Adam Gilchrist
(B) Kumar Sangakkara
(C) Mark Boucher
(D) Romesh Kaluwitharana

2) Raghubar Das on 28 December 2014 sworn-in as the new Chief Minister of which state?
(A) Jharkhand
(B) Jammu and Kashmir
(C) Haryana
(D) Mizoram

3) BCCI on 27 December 2014 banned which India spinner from bowling in competitive matches due to suspect action?
(A) Ravichandran Ashwin
(B) Ravindra Jadeja
(C) Axar Patel
(D) Pragyan Ojha

4) An AirAsia flight QZ8501 of which country went missing on 28 December 2014, with 162 people aboard, en route to Singapore from Indonesia?
(A) Malaysia
(B) Singapore
(C) Indonesia
(D) India 

5) Who was declared 'All India Football Federation Player of the Year' on 27 December 2014?
(A) Subrata Pal
(B) Sunil Chhetri
(C) Sandeep Nandi
(D) Sandesh Jhingan

6) Name the Director of the hindi film 'PK' starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma, featuring Aamir Khanha as an alien, which was recently in news for controversy?
(A) Rajkumar Hirani
(B) Reema Kagti
(C) Vijay Krishna Acharya
(D) Ashutosh Gowariker

7) Recently, sixteen states have ratified a constitutional amendment bill which seeks to scrap the collegium system of judges appointing judges, bringing the government a step closer to put in place a new mechanism of appointments in the higher judiciary. Any Constitutional amendment bill requires ratification by at least __ percent of the state legislatures?
(A) 25%
(B) 75%
(C) 50%
(D) 90%

8) India Post recently tied up with which online seller to jointly work on bringing thousands of weavers and artisans from Varanasi through its website?
(A) Flipkart
(B) Amazon
(C) Indiamart
(D) Snapdeal

9) NATO formally ended its war in Afghanistan on 28 December 2014, after how many years of conflict that have left the country in the grip of worsening insurgent violence?
(A) 10 years
(B) 13 years
(C) 5 years
(D) 15 years

10) Which national party celebrated its 130th Foundation Day on 28 December 2014?
(B) CPI (M)
(D) Congress

1) Ans. (B) Kumar Sangakkara
2) Ans. (A) Jharkhand
3) Ans. (D) Pragyan Ojha
4) Ans. (C) Indonesia
5) Ans. (B) Sunil Chhetri
6) Ans. (A) Rajkumar Hirani
7) Ans. (C) 50%
8) Ans. (D) Snapdeal
9) Ans. (B) 13 years
10) Ans. (D) Congress
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