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Saturday, November 15, 2014

15 November 2014 Evening/Afternoon Questions SBI Associate PO Exam 2014

Friends..today earlier we have shared morning shift questions asked in SBI Associate PO exam held today. In this post we are bringing you some questions from today's (15/11/2014) evening shift SBI Associate PO Exam. Questions will be highly useful for those having exams in coming days. We would like to thank our friends Pooja Krishna, Meenakshi Sharma and Anu Dev for sharing these questions with us based on their memory. If anybody remember more questions kindly share with us in our mail id: currentaffairs4examz@gmail.com. Thank you.
 General Awareness Questions
1. Who won the Man Booker Prize 2014? - Richard Flanagan
2. SBI launched savings bank account for childern above 10 years named? - "'Pehli Udaan' (a singly operated savings bank account) & 'Pehla Kadam' a savings bank account for minor of any age operated jointly with his/her parent or guardian
3. Who is the regulator of mutual funds in India? - SEBI
4. Name the biography of tennis player Roger Federer? -  Roger Federer Story: Quest For Perfection
5. Which channel in August 2014 bagged Champions Tennis League broadcast rights? - Sony Six
6. IFSC full form? - Indian Financial System Code
7. MICR code consists of how many digits? - 9
8. Maximum time for credit of amount transferred through RTGS? - 30 Minutes
9. ASBA full form? - Applications Supported by Blocked Amount. It is a process developed by the India's Stock Market Regulator SEBI for applying to IPO
10. India's first home-grown subsonic cruise missile Nirbhay was successfully test fired from? - Chandipur, near Balasore in Orissa
11. Recently TCS was in news for a merger with a company called? - CMC Limited
12. Commercial paper has a fixed maturity of no more than .... days? - 270 days
13. Rajiv Mehrishi was serving as ...... before appointed as Economic Affairs secretary recently? - Chief secretary in Rajasthan
14. The much hyped book "Eclipse: living in the shadow of china's economic dominance" was written by whom?- Arvind Subramanian
15. What is White-box testing? - A method of testing software that tests internal structures or workings of an application

Marketing Questions
1. Which of these form internal body of an organisation? - Employees
2. What is mortgage?- To use one's real property as a guarantee for a loan to get money.
3. What do not comes under packaging? - Quality of the code developed

Computer Questions
1. Shortcut key to go bottom of a document in MS word? - Cntrl + End
2. IC stands for? - Integrated Circuit
3. What is the function of cntl + delete? - To delete a particular word
4. The set of computer standards are called?- Protocols

Descriptive Questions
1. Essay on your suggestion to arrest the rising earth's temperature.
2. Paragrapgh on Importance of segregation of dry and wet domestic waste.
3. Essay on ways to control inflation.
4. Paragrapgh on importance of hobbies in your life. 
5. Letter to leading computer manufacturers for software upgradation of pcs of your bank.
6. Write a letter to your bank seeking loan for second home with condition that where your first home is also on loan from that bank, that is not repaid fully.
More questions will be posted soon.. Keep Visiting.

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