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Sunday, July 20, 2014

SBI Clerk Exam 20 July 2014 Review of Evening/Afternoon Shift

Friends..Here is the review of SBI Clerk Exam 2014 held today (20 July 2014) afternoon shared by our friend Vaibhav Dubey from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. We thank him and wish him great sucesss in the exam.

My name is Vaibhav Dubey from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Today I had my Clerk Exam. My time was 1:00 PM. Test started exactly at 2:00 PM. Between this all the verification process took place.

For all those Who are going to have their exam on the coming schedules, please a IMPORTANT note for them. Carry the Original ID and one Xerox of it along with your admit card, although xerox facility is provided in the institution but it takes a lot of time and you may miss your valuable time you have been waiting for.

Coming to the Exam,
Here I am discussing some question I have remembered in the section-wise manner.

Marketing and Computer- This was the first Section I have attempted. Computers questions were easy. You don't have to focus much here. Direct Question such as to find which of them is input and output device. 2 questions were exactly same, only change was in there option in which we have to find out the input device. 2-3 question on Email related terminology and 2-3 questions on network.
Marketing question were a bit confusing and most of the part was from Marketing research and marketing plan. Do read the Marketing part since it will increase your score.

General Awareness- This was the Second Section I have attempted.
Questions were like-
Who is the minister of External Affairs ministry
Who was the mascot of FIFA 2014
IBSA full form
Currency note has signature of which person.
Currency of Afghanistan.
Who is Ustad Zakir Husain
First indian to win OSCAR.
Name of the Committee made for Spot fixing and scams.
There was a question related to HEDGING.
and Some question were related to banking. I forgot them since terminology were hard for me, but most of them were related to Current Affairs.
So focus more on Banking and just have a look up of famous personalities and their achievements

English- This was the third Section I have attempted. This was the easiest section in all. It took almost 10 minutes to complete the section. Questions were from arranging the sentence. you just have to arrange one sentence and followed by 5 questions. Comprehension Passage was easy. Just read it once thoroughly, and you will be able to answer 10 questions within the seconds. Error detection, and Cloze test both were easy. So not to worry about this section, just revise the basic once and you will be able to solve this part in a short period of time.

Reasoning- Fourth Section to have attempted. Reasoning was Moderate. There were 2 questions of Circular sitting, in which one que has all the person facing the centers and other que has half of the members facing opposite which was a time consuming. Syllogisms were ok. There were 2 Blood Relation Question and 1 was ranking. So overall not to worry about this part. You can figure it out easily.

Maths- The Last section. Questions were from profit and loss, 1 question was to find the ratio of area of two squares in which the diagonal of both the squares were given. Mostly this part consists of Simplification problem. only 2 question from CI and SI. Overall, the part was easy. Some question may take time, but all question can be solved easily. Direct formula based question.

So overall Conclusion is, not to waste your time on any question and keep yourself calm. Try to focus more on marketing and Banking related GA. Rest do your Best.Nothing to worry about.
All the Best. Keep Blessed.

Thanks and Regards
Vaibhav Dubey
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SBI Clerk Exam 20 July 2014 Review of Evening/Afternoon Shift Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 20.7.14 Rating: 5 Friends..Here is the review of SBI Clerk Exam 2014 held today (20 July 2014) afternoon shared by our friend Vaibhav Dubey from Gwalior, Ma...


  1. Thank u very much for excellent explaination

  2. i attempt 140 qes.. and how much you ????

  3. I hv also attempted 140 qsns with good acccuracy....I think 2day's xam qsns were tougher than yesterday's....marketing was d most difficult section....ENGLISH was d easiest one....nice experience of 2day's xam...ALL D BEST 2 every1 who are going 2 appear d xam next week..

  4. My exam is on 31 aug i m getting tensed bcoz as the paoer goes tough to last day but the cutoff would be equal to all i m really preparing hard but getting tensed

    1. preparing hard but getting tensed=neutral=no effect, only prepare hard, tension makes u worry lot..and u will commit mistake in hurry, best of luck

  5. Thanks for sharing helpful info. Vaibhav Bro.. :)

  6. i also agree with u 20 july's evening shift's exam was tougher than 19 july's.

  7. please share with me g.a. and computer's questions of 20th july evening shift.

  8. Hello friend,
    can u plz tell me whether the questions asked already in 19th and 20th july 2014 will repeat in 26.7.14?