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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Questions asked in SBI PO (14 June 2014) Online Exam

Friends..Here is the collection of some Questions asked in today's (14 June 2014) SBI PO Exam shared by our friend’s Kiran, Susan Thomas, Dheeraj Sharma, Deepak, Sujith , Ashwani and Varun Kosuru. Thanks for sharing friends and wish you all the best. If anybody attempted today's exam and remember more questions, kindly share below. You can also mail us reviews of exams and questions in coming phases also at currentaffairs4examz@gmail.com

1) Full form of EFT?-  Electronic Funds Transfer
2) Chairman of Tata Industries?- Cyrus P Mistry
3) International Women’s day is celebrated on?- 8th March
4) Cadbury's India is recently renamed it as?-Mondelez India Foods Ltd
5) Rupay (India's own payment system) was launched by which organization?- NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)
6) Fastest mode of transaction?- RTGS
7) World Snooker Women Champion?- Reanne Evans
8) Which author got Padmabhushan award?- Ruskin Bond
9) RBI measure to liquidate the market?- Repo rate
10) Common Wealth Games 2014 will be held in?- Glasgow, Scotland
11)  IIFA International Entertainer was?- John Travolta
12) Bank pays interest on savings account on which basis?- Daily Basis
13) KYC related to?- Know Your Customer
14) World Health Day?- April 7
15) Author of the book '2 states' in the same name a film was released reccently?- Chetan Bhagat
16) Newly appointed deputy governor of RBI?- R Gandhi
17) Shiela Dixit is governor of which state?- Kerala
18) Name the committee which is probing the IPL Spot-Fixing?-  Mudgal Panel committee
19) Name the Yoga guru from Maharashtra who got Padma Vibhushan 2014?- B K S Iyengar
20) Kudamkulam Nuclear power plant is in which state?- TamilNadu
21) What is the rural population in India as per census 2011?- 83.3 crore
22) Purpose of KYC?- for against money laundering
23) Second highest civilian award in India?- Padma vibhushan
24) Kaiga Nuclear power plant is in which state?- Karnataka
25) What is the full for of CBS?- Core Banking Solution

26) Full form of EULA?- End-user license agreement
Questions asked in SBI PO (14 June 2014) Online Exam Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 14.6.14 Rating: 5 Friends..Here is the collection of some Questions asked in today's (14 June 2014) SBI PO Exam ...


  1. 22.KYC purpose
    ans.for against money laundering.
    23.Highest second highest civilian award.
    ans padma vibhushan.

    1. Plzzzz Give me a link for ga pdf of 6 month ga updated

  2. 24) Image of cheque is to be transferred in
    A) CTS (cheque trunacation system) B) ETC

  3. Thank u for this info

  4. steve davis is a man,how can he win women championship?

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  5. Have you any GA capsule of 6 month

  6. provide us computer and marketing questions.....

  7. Ya plz provide the set of computer and marketing mcq

  8. thanks for sbi po question ... please send their descriptive questions also.

  9. when will the result of SBI PO exam (via online test) held on 14june 2014 will be declared?