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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Questions Asked in 15 June 2014 SBI PO Online Exam

Friends..Here is the collection of some Questions asked in today's(15 June 2014) SBI PO Online Exam shared by our friends Poornima Kaushik, Ankit, Rahul Mohanty, Vidya and Ramesh Kumar. Thanks for sharing friends and wish you all the best. If anybody attempted today's exam and remember more questions, kindly share below. You can also mail us reviews of exams and questions in coming phases also at currentaffairs4examz@gmail.com

1) What is the name of ATMs owned by non-banking institutions called?- White label ATM
2) Name the swimmer who is currently suffering from shoulder infection?- Ian Thorpe
3) Environment Day is observed on?- June 5
4) Who is the chief justice of Supreme Court of India?- RM Lodha
5) Minimum amount to be remitted through RTGS?- 2 lakh
6) Who is the new Pakistan envoy to India?- Abdul Basit
7) Full form of SLR?- Statutory liquidity ratio
8) MICR code consist of?- 9 digits
9) Which country voted recently on changing its national flag?- New Zealand
10) Tallest building in the world which was opened in 2010 after construction?- Burj Khalifa
11) Which is the fastest possible interbank money transfer facility available?- RTGS
12) Ranbaxy was recently acquired by?- Sun Pharma

Descriptive topics-
>> Write a Letter encouraging and best of luck to friend who is civil service exam in third attempt.
>> Write Letter to bank manager asking for educational loan.
>> Write a Letter to newspaper editor about introduction of sensation yoga topics that relief from exams during exams and admission times.

Essays -
>> Benefit of investment through mutual fund
Questions Asked in 15 June 2014 SBI PO Online Exam Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 15.6.14 Rating: 5 Friends..Here is the collection of some Questions asked in today's(15 June 2014) SBI PO Online Exam shared by our friends Poornima Kau...


  1. paragraph on
    1.unpredictability of Human Life
    2.internet gaming
    3.india towards fountain pen to ball point pen.

  2. I attempted 96 in sbi po 2014 15 june paper,di-10,eng-30,gk-35,reasoning-21,,,is dr any chance

    1. DI is going to shrink your ship brother... Sorry Better luck next time...

  3. di paper was very tough,english and reasoning was moderate,gk was easy....expect to get 85/200

  4. saranya krishnanJune 17, 2014 at 7:34 PM

    i attent 18 questions in D.I..ithink all are correct and get 18 mark.is any chance to pas individual cut off of D.I?

    1. yes if you get around 16, then you will clear the cut off for DI, but for overall qualification you have to get atleast 90 marks in objective and 30 marks in descriptive. Minimum 120 marks... But if you are able to get 140 or above you are going to get an interview call...

    2. I have given this information for interview call. you can clear the cut off at 70-80 in objective and 20 in descriptive. But there will be a little chance of getting an interview call...

  5. DI
    Pie chart Aviator and Glass
    Bar Graph HIG MIG LIG
    table data MBA, BE and MBBS

    Line Arrangement

    GA, Marketing and Computer awareness

    UBER CUP winner Ops Thailand, China, Malyasia, Japan and Indoasia
    IPL Final was between Kolkotta vs --- Ans Punjab XI
    Which of this is not Input device - Ops Mouse, Scanner, Keyboard and Printer Ans -- Printer
    Commerical paper is known as Letter Credit, Promissary note,
    Bank raise money from RBI is Ops ---Reverse Repo, Securities and Bonds
    Which of these is used for primary storage purpose CDROM,TAPE, Harddisk,Floppy disk , Flashdrive
    What is Complier ? Program to Interprete application, device driver, Special program, Low level program
    Why Ram is used? To speed up computing, Reduce cost of operation, reduce processing time
    Which of this is used to close application Opts- Menu, Close, Quit, Exit, File.
    Narendra Modi is ---- Prime minister opts 14th,15th,16th,17th Ans - 16th Prime minister
    Which Country is largest user of Broadband Network with 192 millions in 2014 - Ans China, India, Mexica, USA
    AML long form Asset Management Liability, Asset minimium liability, Asset maintenance Liability
    Credit card used at merchant centre which has exceed credit limit.
    Cheque are cleared at non home branch and passed at local branch, if process cheques happen within same day, what is called
    Speed Clearing, Express Clearing, CTS clearing.
    What is Called ATM transaction is done at some ATM Bank. This is clearing of funds CHAPS, CHIPS, Automation Transmission

    Passage on "Technology for Education"
    Fill in blank