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Monday, June 30, 2014

Evaluation / Qualification Criteria in Computer Typing & Data Entry Test (PAPER II) for Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2014

Friends..Here is the evaluation criteria for Paper-II of Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2014 as released by the DOP.

This test will be held in two parts one will be consisting of Typing test for 15 Minutes and another test for Data Entry of 15 Minutes each carrying maximum marks 100. Total Duration of a session for a Candidate i.e. back-toback Computer Typing and Data Entry Tests shall be of 15 minutes each. Entire session comprises of pre-Test Verification, briefing, actual Tests (2x15) and Post Test printout and Signing of Printouts shall last for 90 minutes.

Qualifying criterion: There is no sectional qualifying criterion. There is a need to score Minimum 40% marks for OC, 37% for OBC and 33% for SC / ST in both the tests (Computer Typing and Data Entry test) put together. It is mandatory for the candidate to attempt both Computer Typing and Data Entry tests. If a candidate does not attempt Computer Typing OR Data Entry test then it will lead to his/her disqualification.

I. Computer Typing TEST
Candidate will be given a Paragraph in English / Hindi of approximately 1000 words for Typing through customized software. The Computer Screen will be divided in two parts and having Dual Window, one at the above half portion is for source content (Typing Matter) and one at the bottom half portion is for Typing (Candidate to Type here). There will be a built-in and visible Clock showing the countdown for 15 minutes on the screen for each candidate.
Important precautions:
a. Candidate’s Performance on Computer Typing will be done by software while typing is in progress and taking into account both his/her Speed and Accuracy.
b. Candidate has to take care of Synchronized Typing between content (Typing Matter) highlighted at the above half portion of source window (Typing Matter) and corresponding position of cursor being typed at the bottom half portion of window. Content typed, out of synchronization are reckoned as Errors.
c. While doing typing, If a candidate intends to correct any mistake in a particular word, he/she can do so by pressing back space button on Keyboard before pressing the Space Bar. But if a SPACE BAR is pressed after typing a word the software will not permit the candidate to correct the mistake in that particular
d. Candidate has to be vigilant about Highlighted typed words because it is counted as Error and each error affects his/her accuracy. Counting of Errors done during the Typing Test will be reflected in the evaluation of performance.

At the end of the test, “TEXT” typed by candidate will be printed on an A4 sheet. This will also contain the details for typed text, mistakes done and will also have calculated Gross and Net speed. This sheet shall be signed by the candidate as well as by the invigilator. These values are calculated as follows:
A. Gross strokes = Total number of Key strokes entered
B. Error hits strokes = Number of words incorrectly typed X 5 (1 word= 5 Key Strokes)
C. Net Strokes = A - B
D. Net Speed in Words Per Minutes (WPM) =(C ÷ 5) ÷ 15 i.e. Time of test in Minutes

This Net Speed is the “Result” of the ENGLISH/ HINDI Typing Test and minimum Net Speed of 30 WPM for English and 25 WPM for Hindi is equivalent to the 40 Marks out of 100 maximum marks. Accordingly the Net Speed will be converted into marks obtained by individual as follows:
Marks obtained by individual = Net speed (D above) X 40 ÷ (30 in case of English or 25 in case of Hindi). Join our facebook page for all updates.

A.1 TEST in English
This Test will be conducted through customized software in which 50 Forms will appear on the software screen one by one, each form having 50 characters (grouped in 7 fields) and applicant has to complete the data entry in 15 Minutes time. There will be again dual window on the screen, one at the above half portion is for displaying source form (Matter) and one at the bottom half portion is for making the data entry by the applicants in different respective olumns (7) as corresponding to source forms.
At the end of the test, “TEXT” typed by candidate will be printed on an A4 sheet. This will also contain the details of errors committed in each Record typed. This sheet shall be signed by the candidate as well as by the invigilator.

A.2 TEST in Hindi
This test will be conducted on an Excel sheet. Applicant will get a hardcopy of 50 records in Hindi and each record contains 50 characters grouped in 7 columns. The duration of test will be 15 Minutes only. Applicant has to attempt this test on excel sheet within the specified time duration, write his Roll No and Name on the Top of sheet , and sign the printout of this sheet after completing the test and before leaving the examination hall.

B.1 For English Data Entry Test, the software shall evaluate the forms for correctness and speed. Each completely Correct Form will carry 2 marks. Form marks (2) will be equally divided into number of field in that record. i.e. if 5 fields are correct in a Form of 7 fields then the candidate will get 5X2 ÷7=1.43 marks out of 2 marks for that Form.
B.2 For Hindi Data Entry Test printed hardcopies shall be evaluated “manually” using the same criteria adopted for English Data Entry Test.

This is a combined test and marks in both the components put together will be reckoned for the purpose of qualifying. However these marks are not added to the marks obtained in Paper I and Merit List will be drawn up based on marks obtained in Paper I subject to their qualifying in Paper II. Marks obtained in Typing and data Entry test will be added together and the minimum qualifying criterion as defined above is applied i.e. 40% (80Marks) marks for OC, 37% (74 Marks) for OBC and 33% (66 Marks) for SC / ST for qualifying the computer typing and data entry test.

Note: Candidates failed to secure prescribed qualifying marks in Paper II, will not get placed in the Merit List though they secured qualifying marks in Paper I. Therefore it is essential to get qualified in the Paper II. 

Download this article as PDF: Click Here
Download Typing Test Software: Click Here
Download Data Entry Software: Click Here
Evaluation / Qualification Criteria in Computer Typing & Data Entry Test (PAPER II) for Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2014 Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 30.6.14 Rating: 5 Friends..Here is the evaluation criteria for Paper-II of Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2014 as released by the DOP. This test will be ...


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