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Monday, May 12, 2014

Maharashtra Circle Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2014(PA/SA) Question Paper PDF

Question Paper of
Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam
Held on 11 May 2014 in
Maharashtra Postal Circle
Friends..Here is the Question Paper of PA/SA Exam 2014 held in Maharashtra Postal Circle on 11 May 2014. This will be helpful for those having exams in the coming phases. You can download the questions as PDF from the link below.

Question Paper shared by our friends: 
 Mandakini and Nilesh Patil Chalisgaon

Download  as PDF: Link 1 and Link 2
Maharashtra Circle Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2014(PA/SA) Question Paper PDF Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 12.5.14 Rating: 5 Question Paper of Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam Held on 11 May 2014 in Maharashtra Postal Ci...


  1. when will you provide the answer key

  2. Maharashtra circle
    Plz upload answer key of gk and english

  3. Q-1 Feroz Gandhi Award, is given for outstanding performance in the field of-
    ANS - Journalism

    Q-2 1st Tuesday of May is observed as-
    ANS -World Asthma Day

    Q-3 The director of the film ‘Little Buddha’-
    ANS - Bernardo Bertolucci

    Q-4 A computer cannot ‘boot’ if it does not have the –
    ANS - Operating System

    Q-5 Where did Mahendra Singh Dhoni make his ODI debut?
    ANS - Chittagong

    Q-6 The Iron Pillar, near QutubMinar drawas attention of scientists due to its-
    ANS - Restlessness

    Q-7 Which type of soil retains maximum amount of water?
    ANS Clay

    Q-8 When air is saturated, it cannot hold-
    ANS - more water vapour

    Q-9 Which one of the following countries has the largest forest area in the world?
    ANS - Russian Federation

    Q-10 What are the rings of Saturn made from?
    ANS - Large pieces of ice and rock

    Q-11 The oldest mutual fund in India is-
    ANS - Unit Trust of India

    Q-12 The World Day to Combat Desertification is observed every year on-
    ANS - 17th June

    Q-13 Which part of a computer displays the work done?
    ANS -Monitor

    Q-14 Who has written the book ‘Still counting the Dead’?
    ANS - Frances Harrison

    Q-15 Which of the following is the main cause of the ecological imbalance in India?
    ANS - Deforestation

    Q-16 Gangotri village which is the source of river Ganga is situated on the bank of -
    ANS - Bhagirathi

    Q-17 Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘Economic Nightmare of India’?
    ANS - Charan Singh

    Q-18 ‘International Literacy Day’ celebrated on September 8th, was proclaimed by-

    Q-19 The original name of Mahabharata is –
    ANS - Jai Samhita

    Q-20 Which of the following is a Web browser?
    ANS - All of these

    Q-21 Champion Trophy is associated with-
    ANS - Cricket

    Q-22 During Aurangzeb’s reign, whose duty is to see that people lived their lives in accordance with the ‘shariat’?
    ANS - Muhtasibs

    Q-23 Density of population is defined as the number of persons per square-
    ANS - Kilometer

    Q-24 Fuse wire should have-
    ANS - High resistance and low melting point

    Q-25 In which of the following city, the first woman post office in the country has been established in March 2013?
    ANS - New Delhi

  4. Please upload answers for all the sections. Thanks in advance!

  5. Would u please kindly discuss the gk questions asked in ssc cgl re exam held on 27 april.

  6. please upload the answer for all section

  7. Is there one month after result of PA for paper -2