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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

GK Questions for PA/SA Exam

1.            Which one of the following contains the Gayatri Mandir?
A.    Rigveda
B.     Yajurveda
C.    Upanishad
D.    Samaveda
2.            The last Mughal Emperor was
A.    Akbar
B.     Bahadur shah
C.    NoorJehan
D.    Babur
3.            Who are the guardians of Fundamental rights?
A.    Parliament
B.     The President
C.    The Prime Minister
D.   Supreme court and High court
4.            The most malleable metal is
A.    Alumininum
B.     Silver
C.    Sodium
D.   Gold
5.            Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity?
A.    Copper
B.     Silver
C.    Mica
D.    Zinc
6.            Which of the following state has the largest number of salt lakes in India?
A.    Rajasthan
B.     Maharastra
C.    West Bengal
D.   Gujarat
7.            Swami Vivekananda’s birthday is observed in India as
A.    World Religions Day
B.     National youth Day
C.    All Saints Day
D.    Hindu Renaissance Day
8.            The climate of India is of which of the following types?
A.    Mediterranean
B.     Tropical
C.    Savanna
D.   Monsoonal
9.            Which of the following countries has never been the venue of Asian games?
A.    Iran
B.     Pakistan
C.    China
D.    Indonesia
10.       January 15 is celebrated as the
A.    Republic day
B.     Ugadhi
C.    Makar Sakranti
D.   Army day
11.       Who discovered radioactivity?
A.    Roentgen
B.     Marie Curie
C.    John Dalton’
D.   Henri Becquerel
12.       Atom bomb is based on the principle of
A.    Nuclear fission
B.     Nuclear fusion
C.    Both a and b
D.    None of these
13.       What is the most common element in the universe?
A.    Helium
B.     Oxygen
C.    Hydrogen
D.    Iron
14.       Which crop is sown on the largest area in India?
A.    Rice
B.     Wheat
C.    Sugarcane
D.    Maize
15.       Who is the author of all the Prime Minister Men?
A.    Janardan Thakur
B.     Romesh Thapar
C.    Kamla Chattopadhyaya
D.    Khushwant Singh
16.       Konica Cup is associated with which of the following sports?
A.    Football
B.     Hockey
C.    Chess
D.    Badminton
17.       India is the largest producer of
A.    Tobacco
B.     Sugar
C.    Rice
D.   Tea
18.       The second largest river basin in India is of the river
A.    Brahmaputra
B.     Narmada
C.    Krishna
D.   Godavari
19.       Vikram Sarabhai Space centre is located at
A.    Pune
B.     Ahmedabad
C.    Sriharikota
D.   Thiruvananthapuram
20.       The longest dam of India is the
A.    Nangal Dam
B.     Bhakra Dam
C.    Maithon Dam
D.   Hirakud Dam
21.       Hawa Mahal is in which of the following cities?
A.    Jaipur
B.     Indore
C.    Bhopal
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