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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GK for PA/SA Exam 2014

1   What is the meaning of Hippology ?-The study of  horses
2.  What can be the maximum number of partners in a partnership firm ?-20
3 What is the traditional economy characterized by?- Organization of  production for  self consumption
4   What is meant by agricultural productivity in India?- Production per hectare
5  What  is the full form of  RADAR ?- Radio detection and ranging
6 What is a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides called?- Peninsula
7   What divides Asia from North America?- Berring Strait
8    What  do  “a.m” and p.m stand for- a.m  means ante meridiem or before noon
p.m  means  post meridiem  or after noon
9 What important mathematical notation did India give to the world?- The Zero
10 What did Alessandro Volta invent in 1800?- The electric battery
11 What does the phrase   “Nine days wonder means?- An event which creates a sensation for a time , but in soon forgotten
12 What  is the collective name given to running, walking, jumping, throwing in sports?- Athletics
13 What was the name of the first full length animation film made by Walt Disney?- Snow  white and the seven Dwarfs  in 1937
14  What is  mythomania?- Compulsive tendency to tell  lies        
15 What is idiopathy?- Disease which is not caused
16  What would happen if the earth  were to stop its rotator motion on its Axis ?- No day and night as at present
17  What is the distance between Mercury and Sun?- 58 million KM
18  What is an  ace in Tennis ?- A successful  serve that the opponent fails to touch
19 What was the code name  of for the development of the atom bomb in world war II ?- The Mahattan  Project
20  What is the full form of WHO?- World health organization

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GK for PA/SA Exam 2014 Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 2.4.14 Rating: 5 1   What is the meaning of Hippology ?-The study of  horses 2.  What can be the maximum number of partners in a partnership firm ?-20 ...


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  3. Idiopathy meaning has to be corrected as a disease whose cause is unknown like in a mysterious way or not exactly can be detected but it is not meant that disease is caused. The disease is caused but cause for the disease is not known exactly