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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whether Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2014 Notification is fake??? Answer is Big NO.....

(This post is just to wipe out the confusion among PA/SA Exam Aspirants and the views expressed below are the views of the Administrators of this blog, being written for the help of candidates and nothing below should be treated as official).

Friends...the basis of this post "Whether Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2014 Notification is fake?" is this news paper cutting that appeared in last weeks Dainik Bhaskar's Patna Edition.

Ever since the news appeared in the news paper and followed by sharing on various Postal Assistant Exam facebook pages and groups including ours ( Postal Assistant Examination) we have been flooding with queries from all over India. We first noticed the news when it was shared by one of our friend in our page raising the question. We first thought that it might be a photo created by someone for joke to just to create panic among the aspirants. Later only it was confirmed that it was a piece of news item appeared in a news paper. To all those who have raised questions in our blog/fb page we have clearly replied that "Some fake news are being spread to misguide the aspirants..don't belive in those." from the starting itself. We are still receiving the same questions and hence thought of publishing this post.

The article in newspaper said that the recruitment for PA/SA 2014 is fake and DoP website was hacked and somebody posted some external links (www.pasadrexam2014.in) and that website is being maintained by a private person. Even the telephonic conversation with that person was given.

The truth is: The Postal Department is conducting the PA/SA Exam 2014 through an approved outsourced agency viz. M/s CMC Limited. All process including accepting of application till creation of final rank list is being done by this approved outsourced agency. Hence, the website www.pasadrexam2014.in is also being maintained by that agency.
May be the author of the newspaper report have overlooked into this without knowing the actual facts.

Reasons to believe and truth:
1) The notification for PA/SA DR Exam 2014 was released on 21 February 2014 by the Recruitment wing of DoP and was first published in the India Post website on 24 Feb 2014 morning. As soon as it was made available we have published the news regarding PA/SA Exam 2014 in our blog as well as our facebook page. Read that notification: Click Here.

2) Even though the same has now been removed from the home page of India Post to accomodate new events, it is still available under the Opportunites link as item No. 4. To view : Click Here.

3) The revised Revised Procedure, scheme and syllabus for filling up of the post of Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant dated 21 February 2014 was also made available in the India Post Webiste and it still available. To view: Click Here.

4) The advertisement regarding the recruitment was published by each circle in two leading newspapers in each state also. Many of you might have seen that also.

5) Notice regarding the Revision of Cost of Application Fee and Examination fee in respect of Postal Assistant Direct Recruitment has also been published in India Post website. To view: Click Here.

6) Separte circulars regarding the mode of fee acceptance through ePayment has also been circulated internally and letter and instructions have been issued to all ePayment Post Offices. Since 26.02.14 all ePayment Post Offices are accepting the fees also. (Can't believe why the author has not looked into this :( )

7) The advertsiment regarding the exam is now available in all most all leading employment newspapers, websites etc.

8) The website www.pasadrexam2014.in is also functioning successfully except a few technical glitches at times when the server gets busy due to too many requests. About 9 lakh candidates have already registered when almost half the time span for last date is covered.

Hence, friends...it is once again clarified that there is nothing to panic. The recruitment being conducted for PA/SA 2014 is fair and there is nothing to worry about. Those who have not yet applied may make it fast as last date is 27 March 2014. In case of any further doubts comment below or contact us on our facebook page.

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Whether Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam 2014 Notification is fake??? Answer is Big NO..... Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 12.3.14 Rating: 5 ( This post is just to wipe out the confusion among PA/SA Exam Aspirants and the views expressed below are the views of the  Administrat...


  1. Thank you brother :) i applied 8to10 days ago and paid also, when news published on 9/3 in patna bhaskar i thought my money has gone.
    Good to know its genuine!

    Pawan kumar
    - bikaner, rajasthan

    1. Contact exam helpdesk and the Post office where you have paid the fees. This may be due to communication problem in ePayment.

  2. I am facing problem in filling the form a the segment of post prefrence as well that of prefrence of exam centre are not opening. Prove some guidance how toh fill the form

    1. Friend..as heavy traffic is being received in the site..the post preference drop down may take some time to load..please wait with patience till it appear. Or fill the application in the morning or after 10PM.