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Monday, December 9, 2013

General Awareness Questions from IBPS Clerk Exam: 8 December 2013 (Morning and Evening Shifts)

General Awareness Questions from IBPS Clerk Exam: 8 December 2013 (Morning and Evening Shifts)

Friends..Here is the questions asked in IBPS Clerk Exam: 8 December 2013 (Morning and Evening Shifts). Questions were shared by Jijesh MK, Vishnu Padmanabhan, Manish Kumar and Sukanya CJ. Thanks friends...

Morning Shift Questions
1)  Full form of RTGS?- Real Time Gross Settlement
2) Who is the  Chairman of 14 finance commission? – YV. Reddy
3)  RIDF is maintained by? - Nabard
4) Goa (Panji) is on the bank which river? – Mandovi River
5) Who is the director of Laggan movie? - Ashutosh Gowariker
6) Full form of ECB? – External Commercial Borrowings
7) Ghoomar dance is related to which state? – Rajasthan
8) Full form of IFSC code? - Indian Financial System Code
9) What B stand in Basic?– Brazil South ( Remaining South Africa, India & China)
10) What is the special drive that maintain the quality of coins and rupees directed by RBI?- Currency Chests
11) What Repo rate does? – Increase liquidity
12) Aadhar card link money to which account? – Bank Account
13) Where was the World chess championship held recently? – Tamil Nadu (Chennai)
14) Who control future commodity market? - Forward market commission
15) When repo rate is increased what is the impact?
16) Vishaka project is related to?- Sexual harrassment at workplace
17) Where is World's largest solar telescope?-  Ladakh, India
18) Who is not the financial market regulator?
19) Meaning of indian diaspora?
20) Director of vikram sarabhai space centre?- S. Ramakrishnan
21) Babu Jagjivan Ram Chhatrawas Yojana privides?- Residential accomodation facilities to SC boys and girls studying in school, college and universities.
22) Award given in journalism to women?
23) Cyclonic storm that hit Andhra Pradesh recently?- Halen
24) The breif history of time is the book by?--Steven Hawkings

Evening Shift Questions
1)  Full form of MICR? – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
2)  Magnus Carlsen is from which country? – Norway
3)  Capital of Bahrain? – Manama
4) PNB entered into partnership with which Insurance compay recently? – Metlife India
5)  Jamia Millia University is located in? – New Delhi
6) Headquarter of ILO (International Labour Oranisation)? – Switzerland
7) Chairman of National commission for women? – Mamta Sharma
8)  India & Japan signed an MoU for joint feasibility study if high speed railway system on which route? – Mumbai – Ahmadabad route
9)  First Private international Airport opened up in India?– Cochin International Airport
10) Who is the Chief economic advisor to Prime Miinister? – Dr. C Rangarajan
11) Amish Tripathi novel series is called? – The secret of Nagas
12) Who is the Director of movie Barfi? – Anurag Basu
13) MSME stands for? – Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
14) Jason Day is associated with which game?– Golf
15) How much is the total budget for Bhartiya Mahila Bank? – 1000 crore
16) International Day of Older persons is observed on? -1 October
17) One question related to participatory notes
18) Which among the following is not a policy rate?- Base Rate
19) CHOGM-2015 to be held at which country?- Malta
20) Micro finance regulatory body?
21) Who is the chairman of FMC?
22) Miss world 2013 runner "Marine Lorphelin" from which country?- France
23) Bench mark lending rate is now called as?
24) Who is th CMD of VIJAYA bank?
25) Gagan Jeeth Bhullar belongs to which sports?- Golf
26) Who was the finance minister at the time of second time nationalisation of banks on 15 april 1980?
27) Question related to FRBM act?
28) Surcharge on income exceeding 10 crores of corporations?
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