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Saturday, December 7, 2013

GA Questions from in IBPS CLERK 2013 Evening Shift Exam (07 December 2013 )

GA Questions from in IBPS CLERK 2013 Evening Shift Exam (07 December 2013 )

Friends...Here is the Evening Shift GA Questions asked in today's IBPS CWE Clerk Exam. These questions were shared by our friend Kiran Kumar. We thank him on behalf of our team as well as all readers. If anybody would like to add or submit more questions comment below or send to currentaffairs4examz@gmail.com we will publish it with your name.
1. Bharatiya Mahila Bank was inaugurated at Mumbai recently by whom?- Dr. Manmohan Singh
2. Full form of RTGS?- Real Time Gross Settlement
3. Author of No Full Stops In India?- Mark Tully
4. On the 200th test match of Sachin Tendulkar which player in the opposition side West Indies played his 150th match?- Shivnarine Chanderpaul
5. Who won European Union  Sakhrov prize 2013?- Malala Yousafzai
6. Oldest mountain range in India?- Aaravali
7. Who was recently re-appointed as its secretary for second term by All India Football Federation?- Kushal Das
8. Who investigates the money laundering in India?
9. ATM identifies customers through?- PIN Number
10. Who is the regulator of Banks in India?- RBI
11. Where was International Children's Film Festival held recently?- Hyderabad
12. Who protect the interest of investors in India?- SEBI
13. Times of India recently celebrated its ......th year?- 175
14. Dronacharya award is related to?- Sports
15.  One Question on bbok of Amartya Sen 
16. Question related to merchant banking,wholesalebanking and retail banking
17. Banking licenses/opening new branches permission is given by?- RBI
18. To ease liquidity what RBI do?
19. Head Quarters of Shell (Royal Dutch Shell) oil company?- The Hague, Netherlands
20. Question related to gift card
21. Question on money laundering act
22. Call money related to which market?- Money Market
23. Cheque with subsequent date on which it has been drawn?- Post-dated cheque
24. Question on IPO(Initial Public Offer)?
25. With which card we cannot buy goods and services?
26. Question related to basel committee

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