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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Current Affairs & GK Quiz- 9 December 2013

Current Affairs & GK Quiz- 9 December 2013

1) International Anti-Corruption Day was observed across the world on 9 December 2013 to raise awareness about the menace of Corruption and what people can do to fight it. What was the theme of this year for this day?
(A)Act against Corruption Today
(B)Disrupt Corruption Now
(C)Remove Corruption Today
(D)Stop Corruption Today

2) Which freedom fighter authored the book Discovery of India?
(A)Lala Lajpat Rai
(B)Bhagat Singh
(C)Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(D)Jawaharlal Nehru

3) Which of the following is the new Official Sponsor of Indian cricket team replacing Sahara as announced on 9 Dec 2013?
(A) Airtel
(B) Star India
(C) Adidas
(D) Samsung

4) Who was the first person to address the United Nations in Hindi?
(A)Jawahar Lal Nehru
(B)Indira Gandhi
(C)Atal Behari Vajpayee
(D)Morarji Desai

5) Who has taken over as the India's next High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from Monday, 9th December 2013?
(A)Ranjan Mathai
(B)Jaimini Bhagwati
(C)Gita Subramanyam
(D)Savitri Bhola

6) In first battle of Panipat, Babar defeated which Lodhi ruler to establish Mughals in India?
(A)Sikandar Lodhi
(B)Ibrahim Lodhi
(C)Daulat Lodhi
(D)Bahlul Lodhi

7) Which Party emerged as the winner in the Mizoram Assembly election by winning 33 seats in the 40 member house on 9 December 2013?
(B) Aam Admi Party
(C) Mizoram National Front (MNF)
(D) Indian National Congress

8) Which Mughal emperor built the largest mosque,Jama Masjid at Delhi, in India?

9) Which Indian Software major on Monday, 9th Dec 2013, announced the launch of TradeEdge, an insights-driven sales platform, which would provide visibility to global brands across the demand chain from distributors to consumers?

10) Areawise, which is the smallest state in India?

1) Ans. (A)Act against Corruption Today
2) Ans. (D)Jawaharlal Nehru
3) Ans. (B) Star India
4) Ans. (C)Atal Behari Vajpayee
5) Ans. (A)Ranjan Mathai
6) Ans. (B)Ibrahim Lodhi
7) Ans. (D) Indian National Congress
8) Ans. (C)Shahjahan
9) Ans. (C)Infosys
10) Ans. (C)Goa
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