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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Current Affairs & GK Quiz- 5 December 2013

Current Affairs & GK Quiz- 5 December 2013

1) Bharatiya Mahila Bank's (BMB) first branch in Madhya Pradesh was inaugurated in Indore on Thursday, 5th Dec 2013 by ..................., the Additional Secretary Finance, Government of India?
(A)B P Joshi
(B)Kulwant Suri
(C)Snehlata Shrivastava
(D)Shikha Singh
Ans. (C) Snehlata Shrivastava

2)  Which state in India has minimum population?
(A)Arunachal Pradesh
Ans. (B)Sikkim

3) Which city in India is also known as "Steel City"?
Ans. (B)Jamshedpur

4) Who will be the new Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of India as announced on 5 December 2013 in a decision taken unanimously by a panel comprising Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj and Law Minister Kapil Sibal?
(A)Deepak Sandhu
(B)Sushma Singh
(C)S K Pattjoshi
(D)V K Upadhyaya
Ans. (B) Sushma Singh

5) Which day was observed on 5 December 2013?
(A)Human Rights Day
(B) International Volunteer Day
(C) International Press Freedom Day
(D) Doctor's Day
Ans. (B) International Volunteer Day

6) Bandipur Sanctuary is located in which state?
(A)Tamil Nadu
(B)Uttar Pradesh
(D)Madhya Pradesh
Ans. (C) Karnataka

7) Which state is the largest state in terms of area in India?
(C)Madhya Pradesh
(D)Jammu and Kashmir
Ans. (B) Rajasthan

8) India was ranked ...........th out of 177 countries on Global Corruption Perception Index 2013, which was released by Transparency International on 3 December 2013?
(A) 77
(B) 94
(C) 12
(D) 4
Ans. (B) 94

9) Which state government on 3 December 2013 approved a new surrender and rehabilitation policy for Maoists in the state?
(A) Chattisgarh
(B) West Bengal
(C) Tripura
(D) Bihar
Ans. (D) Bihar

10)  Wankhede stadium is situated in which city?
Ans. (C)Mumbai

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