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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Current Affairs & GK Quiz- 11 December 2013

Current Affairs & GK Quiz- 11 December 2013

1) Supreme Court on 11 December 2013 upheld the constitutional validity of the penal provision making gay sex an offence punishable with upto life imprisonment. The bench said Parliament is authorised to delete section ...... of IPC but till the time this penal provision is there, the court cannot legalise this kind of sexual relationship?
(A) Section 298
(B) Section 307
(C) Section 377
(D) Section 391
2) Which is the longest bone in human body?

3) Who among the following was on 11 December 2013 named as the Person of the Year 2013 by Time Magazine?
(A) Malal Yusufzai
(B) Edward Snowden
(C) Pope Francis
(D) Bashar Al-Assad

4) Who created Mahatma Gandhi's favorite bhajan 'Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye'?
(A)Narsi Mehta
(B)Sant Tukaram
(C)Goswami Tulsidas
(D)Sant Gyaneshwar

5)  On 10 December 2013 Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd, owned by Mukesh Ambani, signed a telecom infrastructure-sharing accord with which other Indian mobile company?
(A) Tata Docomo
(B) Bharti Airtel
(C) Vodafone India

6) Which among the following is popularly referred as 'Plastic Money'?
(A)Demand Draft
(B)Credit Card
(C)Gift Cheque
(D)Bearer Cheque

7)  Which retired Justice  on 11 December 2013 took oath as the Lokayukta of Gujarat State?
(A) Justice GS Singhvi
(B) Justice Sodhi
(C) Justice J B Koshy
(D) Justice D.P. Buch

8) Kudremukh hills, name literally meaning Horse face, in Karnataka are famous for mines of which mineral?
(D)Iron Ore

9) South Africa on 11 December 2013 won the three one day match cricket series 2-0 against India. Who among the following was adjudged the Man of the Series?
(A) Hashim Amla
(B) Virat Kohli
(C) Quinton de Kock
(D) AB de Villiers

10) In Solar System, which planet rotates the fastest on its axis?

1) Ans. (C) Section 377
2) Ans. (A)Femur
3) Ans. (C) Pope Francis
4) Ans. (A)Narsi Mehta
5) Ans. (B) Bharti Airtel
6) Ans. (B)Credit Card
7) Ans. (D) Justice D.P. Buch
8) Ans. (D)Iron Ore
9) Ans. (C) Quinton de Kock
10) Ans. (C)Jupiter
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