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Saturday, November 16, 2013

IBPS Clerk Exam Special: Banking/Economy Current Affairs Questions Part-6

IBPS Clerk Exam Special: Banking/Economy Current Affairs Questions Part-6

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1. Which bank(the biggest US bank by assets) said 15 Nov 2013, it has agreed to pay $4.5 billion to settle claims by investors who lost money on mortgage-backed securities before the collapse of the US housing market?
(A)JPMorgan Chase & Co
(B) Lehman Brothers
(C) Goldman Sachs
(D) Bank of America
Ans. (A) JPMorgan Chase & Co

2. President Pranab Mukherjee released a postal stamp to commemorate which anniversary of The Times of India in an elegant ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan on 14th Nov 2013?
(A) 50th
(B) 100th
(C) 150th
(D)  175th
Ans. (D)  175th

3. Headline inflation at a high percent and rising food prices are definitely not a good sign for the economy. October WPI inflation figure released on 14th November 2013 stands at 8-month high. What is WPI (Wholesale Price Index) for October 2013?
(A) 6.2 %
(B) 6.6 %
(C) 6.9 %
(D) 7 %
Ans. (D) 7 %

4. Global professional services firm Ernst & Young has appointed whom as its new Global Chairman and CEO in July 2013?
(A) Gary Kenneth Toomey
(B) Mark Weinberger
(C) Joe Kaeser
(D) Etienne Benet
Ans. (B) Mark Weinberger

5. India has been ranked _______ among 142 countries in the Global Innovation Index 2013 published in July 2013?
(A) 61st
(B) 66th
(C) 68th
(D) 70th
Ans. (B) 66th

6. The Inter-ministerial body Telecom Commission has approved to raise foreign direct investment limit in the telecom sector from current 74% to _________ in July 2013.
(A) 95%
(B) 90%
(C) 100%
(D) 91%
Ans. (C) 100%

7. Which Indian state was declared as the first Smoke-free state of the country in July 2013?
(A) Haryana
(B) Punjab
(C) Himachal Pradesh
(D) Gujarat
Ans. (C) Himachal Pradesh

8. Which country joined the European Union as the 28th member of the Union in July 2013?
(A) Norway
(B) Latvia
(C) Croatia
(D) Turkey
Ans. (C) Croatia

9. Who has been appointed as Director General of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in July 2013?
(A) Sujata Singh
(B) Sunil Soni
(C) K K Paul
(D) Sharad Gupta
Ans. (B) Sunil Soni

10. Who has been appointed as Managing Director of UTI Mutual Fund in July 2013?
(A) Leo Puri
(B) Deepak Parekh
(C) Rana Kapoor
(D) None of These

Ans. (A) Leo Puri

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