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Sunday, October 6, 2013

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Exam- 06 October 2013(Morning Shift) Questions

IBPS RRB Office Assistant Exam- 06 October 2013(Morning Shift) Questions

Friends.. Here is some General Awareness Questions asked in today's (06.10.2013) IBPS RRB Office Assistant (Clerk) Online Exam- Morning Shift. These Questions were shared by our friend Meenakshi Gupta. A big thank you to her on behalf of our team and readers. Wish her all the very best.

(Friends..if you feel any corrections/addition them comment or mail us. Also if any one is having the afternoon session questions share with us…we will publish with your name Mail ID: Currentaffairs4examz@gmail.com. Thanks in advance)

1. My experiments with truth is written by?- Mohandas K. Gandhi
2. Yama book was written by?- Mahadevi verma
3. Best bank in public sector banks (large) by the sunday standard?- IOB
4. Next ICC world cup will be held in ______ year?- 2015
5. World water day?- March 22
6. 2020 Olympics will held in which city?- Tokyo, Japan
7. Aizwal is capital of?- Mizoram
8. Shabbir Ali related to which sport?-Football
9. Kavita Chahal who got Arjuna Award 2013 is related to which sport?- Boxing
10. Where is the Headquarters of UNICEF?-New York
11. Where is the Headquarters of UNESCO?- Paris
12. Capital of Zimbabwe?- Harare
13. Currency of Tunisia?- Tunisian dinar
14. NRHM full form?- National Rural Health Mission
15. Second highest scorer in list A cricket matches?-
16. IWMP abbreviated as?- Integrated Watershed management protocol
17. Australia and England host WC in which year?-
18.  National advisory council chairman?- Sonia Gandhi
19. National award for best actress 2013?- Usha Jadhav for Marathi Film ‘Dhag’
20. Kota power plant near Chambal river
21. In Food Security Bill 2013 gives rice at how much cost?-  3 Rupees
22. RBI Governor Tenure?- 03 Years
23. One Question on Edward Snowden
24. Flow of ganga and Brahmaputra in Bangladesh named?- Meghna River
25. Reservoir near Sutlej River? – Govind Sagar
26. Rafael Nadal total grand slam titles? 13
27. National Spot exchange was in latest news for?
28. Headquarters of International Development Agency?- Washington DC
29. Name of US parliament?- Congress
30. Order of energy consuming countries?
31. Dyanchand Awardee Giriraj Singh was related to which Sport?- Para Sports
32. Second Highest Run Scorer in List A cricket?- Shikhar Dhawan
33. Who won 100m race in World Athletics Championship?- Ussain Bolt
34. President of Colombia?- Juan manual Santo
35. Who is d political guru of Gandhiji?
36. Malacca strait divides which 2 oceans?-  Indian and pacific ocean.
37. Which bank is related to agriculture?- NABARD
38. Chhara Dam is in?- Rajasthan
39. According to Pradan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana no of people from rural area?

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