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Sunday, October 20, 2013

IBPS PO Exam- 20 October 2013 (Morning Shift) Questions

IBPS PO Exam- 20 October 2013 (Morning Shift) Questions

Here is some Questions asked in today's IBPS PO Exam as was shared by our friends... Mukesh Jaiswal, Abhishek Kumar and Kiran Tripathi. We thank them very much for sharing these questions with us.

Q1. Who is the Chief of Forward Markets Commission (FMC)?- Shri Ramesh Abhishek
Note: Forward Markets Commission (FMC), the chief regulator of Forwards and Futures Commodity Markets in India on 9 September 2013 was transferred to Ministry of Finance following the orders of Government of India. Earlier, the FMC was under the control of the Department of Consumer Affairs under the Ministry of Food.

Q2. Full form of EASIEST?- Electronic Accounting System in Excise and Service Tax

Q3. Full form of DHCP?- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Q4. Name the Indian Origion who won the Miss America title 2013 recently?-  Nina Davuluri

Q5. Which is number one stock exchange in the world?-

Q6. Name the  joint venture of Tata Sons-Singapore Airlines?- Tata SIA Airlines

Q7. NEFT is used for?-

Q8. At a time what is maximum limit of Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) ?- Rs 50, 000

Q9. Who is the director of the film Satyagraha?- Prakash Jha

Q10. Name the new version of banking license software launched by Infosys recently?- Finacle11

Q11. Which among the following is not a novel of Chetan Bhagat?

Q12. Who among the following is not a member of Parliament?

Q13. G-20 summit 2013 was held in?- St.Petersburg, Russia

Q14. Wheat ,bajra comes under rabi or kharif crop?

Q15. Which banking rate was incresed or decreased by RBI on 20th sept 2013?- Raised Repo rate and reduced MSF

Q16.  Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme income limit hiked?- 12 lakh

Q17. What was the GDP during 2012-13?- 5%

Q18. IFSC Code is needed in?

Q19. Award given to Finance Minister P Chidambaram by ET Awards?- Business Reformer Award

Q20. Adviced Limit of draft granted by cheque?

Q21. Which Bank is not headquartered in Kolkata?

Q22. Where has ONGC opened new gas based power plant recently?-

Q23. ATM wrong deduction to be refunded within?

Q24. Who is the first indian to win shooting competion in  world championship?- Rahi Sarnobat

Q25. Which stock exchange has large number of listed companies?-

Q26.  Information technology Act in which year?

Q27. When RBI want to reduce liquidity what action it will take?

Q28. Which country become the 28th member of Europian Union? -Croatia

Q29. Head of Committee on Gold?- K U B Rao

Q30. Next G-8 Summit will be held in?

Q31. One Question related to Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana

Q32. The 78-year-old RBI history book released by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh?- 'RBI History — Looking Back and Looking Ahead'

Q33. Full Form of TLE?

Q34.  Mandatory for companies to spend at least 2% of net profits on-CSR

Q35. Micro finance Maximum investment Limit?

Q36.  New Director General of CPRF – Dilip Trivedi

Q37.  CEO of Women Bank? 

Q38. Who developed rupee symbol?- Udaya Kumar

Q39. MacMohan Line between which countries? – India and China

Q40. Balance Sheet indicates what?

If anybody would like to like to add to the above or share evening shift PO Exam questions send it to currentaffairs4examz@gmail.com or comment on the box below. We will publish it with your Name. Thank You..

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IBPS PO Exam- 20 October 2013 (Morning Shift) Questions Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 20.10.13 Rating: 5 IBPS PO Exam- 20 October 2013 (Morning Shift) Questions Here is some Questions asked in today's IBPS PO Exam as was shared by o...

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