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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Computer Terminology- Useful for all Bank Exams

Computer Terminology- Useful for all Bank Exams

Friends…In this post we are providing you the PDF File of Computer Terminologies with MCQs useful for all types of Banking Exams….IPBS PO, IBPS CWE Clerks/Office Assistants etc.  This has been shared by our friend Syama S Nair from Kerala. We thank her on behalf of our team as well as readers for sharing this and wish all the very best for her success in competitive Exams…

1. Which of the following is the product of data processing
a. information b. data c. software program d. system

2. The process of putting data into a storage location iscalled
a. reading b. writing c. controlling d. hand shaking

3. The process of copying data from a memory location is called
a. reading b. writing c. controlling d. booting

4. A list of instructions used by a computer is called
a. program b. CPU c. text d. output

5. The CPU consists of
a. input, output and processing b.control unit, primary storage and secondary
storage c. Control unit; arithmetic logic unit and primary storage
d.input, processing and storage
6. Which of the following is true about primary storage
a. it is a part of the CPU b. It allows very fast access to data
c. It is relatively more expensive d. all of the above

7. Which of the following is the most powerful type of the computer
a. main frame b. super conductor c. micro computer d. super computer

8. Software instruction intended to satisfy a user's specific processing needs are called
a. system software b. process software c. documentation d. application software

9. The computer device primarily used to provide hardcopy is the
a. CRT b. line printer c. computer console d. card reader

10. Which one of the following can produce the final product of machine processing in a form usable by humans
a. storage b. control c. input device d. output device

11. The term 'memory' applies to which one of the following
a. logic b. storage c. input device d. output device

12. A program written in machine language is called........ program.
a. object b. computer c. assembler d. high level

13. A source program is the program written in .......... language.
a. English b. symbolic c. high level d. object

14. A typical modern computer uses
a. magnetic cores for secondary storage b. LSI chips
c. magnetic tape for primary memory d. more than 10,000 vaccum tubes

15. A collection of 8 bits is called
a. byte b. record c. word d. nibble

16. General purpose computers are those that can be adopted to countless uses simply by changing its
a. output device b. input device c. processor d. program

17. The current generation of computers
a. second b. fifth c. fourth d. third

18. The boolean expression (A C) (B C) simplifies to
a. C AB b. C(A B) c. BC A d. None of these

19. To implement all functions of the basic logic functions, it needs
a. OR gate b. NOT gate
c. AND and NOT gates
d. None of these

20. In the binary number 110.101, the fractional part has the value
a. 0.625 b. 0.125 c. 0.875 d. 0.5

21. The value of binary 1111 is
a. 23 -1 b. 24 c. 24 - 1 d. None of these

22. The value of 25 in octal system is
a. 20 b. 40 c. 400 d. None of these

23. A hexa decimal number 'AO' has the decimal value
a. 80 b. 256 c. 100 d. 160

24. The binary representation of hexadecimal 'C3' is
a. 1111 b. 110011 c. 110001 d. 11000011

25. The ASCII code is for information interchange by a binary code for
a. numbers only b. alphabets only c. alphanumeric and other common symbols
d. None of these

There are 120 such useful Multiple Choice Questions. To view other Questions & Answers along with the important Computer Terminology short notes, Download the PDF file from below mentioned link.

Download- Click Here

Friends…if you have any such materials, Previous Questions Papers, Articles etc to share with us..you can send it to us >> Currentaffairs4examz@gmail.com. We will publish the same in this blog..Thank You
Computer Terminology- Useful for all Bank Exams Reviewed by Currentaffairs4examz on 29.9.13 Rating: 5 Computer Terminology- Useful for all Bank Exams Friends…In this post we are providing you the PDF File of Computer Terminologies wi...


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  2. Thank u so much currentaffairs4examz team & Syama Ma'am for this imp. Computer notes
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