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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Instant Money Order (iMO) from India Post- An Easy way to send and receive money.

Instant Money Order (iMO) from India Post- An Easy way to send and receive money.

Instant Money Order (iMO) is the on-line money transfer service from India Post that is instant, convenient, reliable and affordable. Even now many people are unaware of this service and remain potentially unused. In this post we are bringing you the use and details of it. So henceforth, whenever you want to transfer money go to your nearest Post Office and use this service.

iMO is an instant web based money transfer service through Post Offices (iMO Centre) in India between two resident individuals in Indian territory.

You can transfer money from INR 1,000/- to INR 50,000/- from designated iMO Post Offices. It is simple to send and receive money.

iMO Booking Procedure

1) Fill up the “To Remit Payment” (TRP-1) form and submit it with money at iMO Post Office Counter.
2) iMO Counter clerk after booking the iMO immediately will give a printed receipt with computer generated confidential 16 digit iMO number in a sealed condition. Even the 16 digit iMO number will not be known to booking clerk.
3) Customer is required to tear off the seal and convey the confidential 16 digit iMO number to the receiver over phone, SMS, e-mail, etc. at his means and risk.

iMO Delivery Procedure
1) Receiver to present the 16 digit iMO number at any designated iMO post office counter and will fill up and submit a “To Make Payment” (TMP-1) form along with a copy of his personal identity proof.
2) Receiver can receive the payment in cash upto INR 50,000. He can also receive the payment through his post office savings bank account in the same iMO office.

Commission in INR

Standard Photo ID Cards
1. Voter’s Identity Card
2. PAN Card
3. Ration Card with photo of the receiver
4. Post Office Identity Card
5. Driving License
6. Passport.
7. School/college Identity Card
8. Official Identity Card
In case the Photo Identity Card has a valid expiry date the same is to be mentioned in ‘To Make Payment’ (TMP-1) Form.

List of Standardised Messages that can be mentioned
(You can choose one standardized message from the list below with your iMO without additional charges)
01. Wish you a speedy recovery
02. Wish you all success in your studies
03. Hearty Congratulations on New Arrival
04. Our sincere condolence
05. Happy Birthday
06. Heartiest Congratulations on the Distinction conferred on you.
07. Best Wishes for Your Success.
08. Congratulations.
09. Pongal Greetings.
10. Grehapravesh Mubarak
11. Heartiest Gur Purab Greetings
12. Diwali Greetings
13. Heartiest Greetings on Nav-roz
14. Id Mubarak
15. Ganapati Festival Greetings
16. Dussehera Greetings
17. Christmas Greetings
18. Happy New Year
19. Holi Greetings
20. Many Happy Returns of the Day
21. Happy Anniversary
22. Best Wishes for a Pleasant Journey
23. Wedding Greetings
24. Wish you a successful trip abroad
25. Wedding Anniversary Greetings
26. Rakhi Greetings
27. Bhai Dooj Greetings
28. Onam Greetings
29. Bihu Greetings
30. Annaprassam Greetings
31. Mundan Greetings
32. Thread Ceremony Greetings
33. Chhat Puja Greetings

India Post also has an iMO Help Desk, details of which are as follows:

Phone: 011-23036054 Fax :011-23096008 email id : helpdesk.imo@indiapost.gov.in
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