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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Previous Year Solved Question Paper for RBI Assistant Exam 2013

RBI ASSISTANT EXAM 2012 Solved Question Paper

Previous Question Papers RBI Assistant Exam| RBI Assistant Solved Questions

The Reserve Bank of India conducted the RBI Assistant Exam on 29 April 2012. We hope this Question Paper will act as a model for those taking this year’s Exam. In the RBI Assistant Exam questions were asked from the important segments like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, General Awareness & Computer Aptitude.

Test- 1: Reasoning
1. How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters PCYO using all the letters, but each letter only once in each word?
1) None   
2) One   
3) Two
4) Three   
5) More than three
2. The positions of the ftrst and ftfth letters of the word SUITABLE are interchanged. Similarly, the positions of second and sixth letters, third and seventh letters, and fourth and eighth letters are interchanged. In the new arrangement, how many letters are there in the English alphabetical series between the alphabet which is third from the left end and the alphabet which is second from the right end?
1) None   
2) One
3) Two
4) Four   
5) More than four
Directions (Q. 3-4): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow.
Among A, B, C, D and E, each scored different marks in an examination. Only one person scored more than C. E scored more than A but less than D. D did not score the highest marks. The one who scored the second lowest scored 71 % marks. C scored 92% marks.
3. Who among the following is most likely to have scored 87% marks?
1) A
2) B
3) D
4) E
5) Either A or D

Test- 2: English
Directions (Q. 1-3): Pick out the most effective word from the given words
to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
1. The government is planning to set ..... family welfare centres for slums in
1) another 2) with 3) for 4) in  5) up
2. Economic independence and education have women more assertive.
1) prepared 2) made 3) marked
4) resulted 5) adjusted
3. In the modern world, the ......... of change and scientific innovation is unusually
1) supplies 2) context 3) pace
4) fantasy 5) requirement

1. The average age of a woman and her daughter is 19 years. The ratio of their
ages is 16 : 3. What is the age of the daughter?
1) 9 years 2) 3 years 3) 12 years
4) 6 years 5) None of these
2. A car covers a certain distance in three hours at the speed of 124 Km/hr. What
is the average speed of a truck which travels a distance of 120 Km less than the car
in the same time?
3. Find the average of the following set of scores: 214, 351, 109, 333, 752, 614,
456, 547
1) 482 2) 428 3) 444
4) 424 5) None of these

Test- 4: General Awareness
1. USA has asked India to reduce its dependence on crude oil supply from which
of the following countries which is also a member of OPEC?
1) Venezuela 2) Iraq 3) Libya
4) Iran 5) Nigeria
2. Which of the following is the most essential financial service which should be
provided to the poor people to bring them into the network of financial inclusion?
1) Insurance for life
2) Investment plan for future
3) Pension for old age
4) A bank account where he/she can save small amount
5) Health insurance for minor illnesses and hospitalisation in case of need
3. Who among the following is the president of a country at present?
1) Rupert Murdoch 2) Ban ki-moon 3) Yoshihiko Noda
4) Nicolas Sarkozy 5) None of these

Test- 5: Computer Knowledge
1. What is backup?
1) Adding more components to your network.
2) Protecting data by copying it from the original source to a different destination.
3) Filtering old data from the new data.
4) Accessing data on tape
5) Using earlier data.
2. The legal right to use software based on specific restrictions is granted via a
1) software privacy policy 2) software license
3) software password manager 4) software log
5) None of these
3. What is an e-mail attachment?
1) A receipt sent by the recipient.
2) A separate document from another program sent along with an e-mail.
3) A malicious parasite that feeds on your messages and destroys and contents.
4) A list of CC or BCC recipients.
5) A friend to whom e-mail is sent regularly.

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