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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Current Affairs Questions May 2013 in PDF

Latest Current Affairs- May 2013
Prepared by: Currentaffairs4examz team
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Q1. Name the charges on which Indian fast bowler S. Sreesanth and his two team mates from Rajasthan Royals viz. Ajit Chadila and Ankeet Chavan were arrested by Delhi Police on 16 May 2013?
Ans. Charges of Spot Fixing in Indian Premier League (IPL)

Q2. Name the Legendary Footballer and Former England captain who announced his retirement on 16 May 2013 from professional football and gave an end to his illustrious career of more than two decades?
Ans. David Beckham

Q3. Union Government of India on 16 May 2013 revised the criteria for creamy layer of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) from 4.5 lakh rupees to …………………..?
Ans. 6 lakh rupees
Note: Creamy layer is the income limit beyond which OBCs are not eligible for quotas. OBCs within Creamy Layer can avail benefits of reservations in government jobs and admissions to central educational institutions.

Q4. On 16 May 2013, the Finance Ministry approved payment of ……………. per cent interest rate on PF (Employees Provident Fund) Deposits for 2012-13?
Ans. 8.5%

Q5. In Pakistan, who has been headed back to power and set for becoming PM for the third time after its first democratic transition from one elected government to another, marking a landmark for Pakistan's political history hobbled by frequent military dictatorships?
Ans. Nawaz Sharif

Q6. Name the Hollywood actress who on 14 May 2013 revealed that she has undergone double mastectomy for reduction of her chances of getting Breast Cancer?
Ans. Angelina Jolie

Q7. Who was sworn in as the 22nd chief minister of the state of Karnataka on 11 May 2013?
Ans. Siddaramaiah. (Leader of the Indian National Congress)

Q8. On 15th May 2013, from which state Prime Minister Manmohan Singh filed his nomination papers for seeking re-election to the Rajya Sabha for the fifth successive time?
Ans. Assam

Q9. Union government on 14 May 2013, formed a GoM (Group of Ministers) to draft a law to protect the CBI from external interference, after facing the wrath of the Supreme Court for having failed to ensure functional autonomy to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Who is heading this GoM?
Ans. P. Chidambaram

Q10. Cottage and Village Industry Department of the Madhya Pradesh Government on 16 May 2013 bagged which award of United Nations?
Ans. United Nations Public Service Award for year 2013 for their initiative named Graamin Haat.
Note: The initiative of Graamin Haat was started in the state with the aim of strengthening and empowering the women's self-help groups. The initiative has helped the self-help group in becoming more self-reliant economically and ensured participation of women in social decisions.

Q11. Name the Union Minister for Women and Child Development?
Ans. Krishna Tirath

Q12. Who has been appointed as the new governor of Arunachal Pradesh on 16 May 2013?
Ans. Nirbhay Sharma

Q13. Which launch vehicle will be used by ISRO to place the Communication Satellite GSAT-14 in Orbit which is planned for July 2013?
Ans. GSLV D5

Q14. Name the new movie channel launched by Star India in the month of May 2013?
Ans. Star Movies Actions

Q15. Union government on 16 May 2013 slashed the import tariff value of gold and silver. New tariff values are?
Ans. 466 Dollars per ten grams for gold and 761 Dollars per kg for silver

Q16. India Brazil South Africa (IBSA) Women’s Forum Resolution held recently in?
Ans. New Delhi

Q17. Government of India decided to launch Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG (DBTL) scheme in 20 high Aadhaar coverage districts from 1 June 2013. What is the aim of the scheme?
Ans. The scheme aims to curb leakages and prevent black-marketing and provide subsidy to consumers in their bank accounts.

Q18. World Telecommunication and Information Society Day?
Ans. May 17

Q19. The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) on 15 May 2013 decided to launch Inflation Indexed Bonds (IIBs). What is the maturity period of these bonds?
Ans. 10 years

Q20. Who was named on 14 May 2013 as the England cricketer-of-the-year for 2012-13?
Ans. Matt Prior

Q21. Name the indigenously developed Rotavirus Vaccine unveiled by India on 14 May 2013?

Q22. President of India Pranab Mukherjee presented National Florence Nightingale Award 2013 to 35 nursing professionals for their services on 12 May 2013 on the occasion of international Nurses Day. Florence Nightingale Award was instituted by?
Ans. Health Ministry.
Note: To appreciate the selfless services rendered by Nurses with devotion, sincerity, dedication and compassion. The Award carries 50000 rupees cash, a certificate, a citation certificate and a Medal.

Q23. Winners of Madrid Open 2013?
Ans. Rafael Nadal & Serena Williams in men’s & women’s singles respectively

Q24. India on 15 May 2013 got the observer status in which council along with four other nations - China, Italy, Singapore and South Korea?
Ans.Arctic Council

Q25. Who has been named as the first chief executive officer (CEO) of AirAsia India by the company in a statement on Wednesday, 15 May 2013?
Ans.Mittu Chandilya

Prepared by: currentaffairs4examz team
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