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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Current Affairs & GK Quiz April 2013- Part 15

Latest Current Affairs April 2013 & GK-15

Useful for all competitive Examinations, GK Quiz etc…..

Q1. Which International Hockey team won the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament title for the seventh time on 17 March 2013 by defeating Malaysia?
a) Australia
b) South Korea
c) Pakistan
d) India
Ans.a) Australia

Q2. Which Asian Archery team won Gold and a Bronze Medal in Asian Archery Grand Prix held on 12 March 2013?
a) Pakistan
b) India
c) Thailand
d) Bangladesh
Ans.b) India

Q3. World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on?
a) 1 April
b) 2 April
c) 3 April
d) 4 April
Ans.b) 2 April

Q4.How many states are there in the United States of America(USA)?
(a) 49
(b) 50
(c) 51
(d) 52
Ans.(b) 50

Q5. "Half a Life" is a novel by which of the following author?
(a) V. S. Naipaul
(b) Salman Rushdi
(c) Tasleema Nasreen
(d) Arundhati Roy
Ans.(a) V. S. Naipaul

Q6. Name the person who was appointed as the next Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations in February 2013.
a) Dilip Sinha
b) Nirupam Sen
c) Asoke Kumar Mukerji
d) Hardeep Singh Puri
Ans.c) Asoke Kumar Mukerji

Q7. India Post in the last week of March 2013 decided to establish third Automated Mail Processing Centre in which city by April 2013.
a) Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Ahmadabad
d) Hyderabad
Ans.d) Hyderabad

Q8. Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport is located at?
(a) Hyderabad
(b) Kochi
(c) Mumbai
(d) Chennai
Ans.(c) Mumbai

Q9. World cancer day was observed on 4 February 2013 in order to raise awareness about this illness as well as to promote the measures, early detection, prevention and treatment of the disease. What was the theme for World Cancer Day, 2013?
a) Global burden of cancer
b) Cancer - Did you know?
c) Together it is possible
d) Teach children and teenagers to avoid UV exposure by being "sun smart"
Ans.b) Cancer - Did you know?

Q10. Name the Australian driver of Formula One team Lotus who won the season-opening Australian Grand Prix 2013 on 17 March 2013.
a) Romain Grosjean
b) Nicolas Prost
c) Davide Valsechhi
d) Kimi Raikkonen
Ans.d) Kimi Raikkonen

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