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Friday, May 31, 2013

Answer Key English Section: Postal Assistant Exam Held on 19 May 2013

Solved Questions of Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam held on 19 May 2013

English Section: Questions with Answer Key

Circles Covered: Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand and U. P. circles

Directions: (1 to 3) Give one word for the underlined phrase
Q1. The small child does whatever his father was done
A. has done  
B. did            
C. Does         
D. had done
Ans. C

Q2. He is too important for tolerating for any delay
A. to tolerate
B. to tolerating   
C. at tolerating   
D. with tolerating
Ans. A

Q3. Why did you not threw the bag away
A.  did you not throw                     
B. had you not throw
C. did you not thrown        
D. you did not thrown
Ans. A

Directions: (4 to7) select the word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning
A. Soft                       
B. Average                
D. Weak
Ans. C

A. Red               
B. Natural    
C. Truthful   
D. Solid
Ans. B

A. Convert     
B. Condense    
C. Congest     
D. Conclude
Ans. B

A. Candid        
B. Direct     
C. Fortnight   
D. Genuine
Ans. D

Directions: (8 to 9) Choose correctly spelt words
A. Pessenger
B. Passenger
C. Pasanger
D. Pesanger
Ans. B

A. Benefitted        
B. Benifited       
C. Benefited 
D. Benefeted
Ans. C

Directions: (10 to 12) Choose Synonyms for the given words
Q10. Attain
A.  Acquire   
B. Leave    
C. Accept      
D. Excuse
Ans. A

Q11. Verify
A.    Acceptable   
B. Condemn    
C. Testify    
D. Praise
Ans. C

Q12. Immortal
A.    Mortal                
B. Eternal      
C. Dead     
D. Eminent
 Ans. C

Q13. Point out the verb in the following words.
A. Success      
B. Succeed      
C. Successful     
D. Successfully
 Ans. B

Q14. Find out the sentence in Passive voice
A. The judge convicted the culprit for his offence
B. The culprit apologised to the judge for his offence
C. The judge scolded the culprit for his offense
D. The culprit was punished for his offence by the judge
Ans. D

Q15. Point out the correct sentence
A. The teacher said that the Earth moved round the sun
B. The teacher told that the Earth was moving round the sun
C. The teacher said that the Earth moves round the Sun
D. The teacher said that the Earth had moved round the sun
Ans. C

Q16. Mark the correct Passive form of the sentence
I play cricket with my friends
A. I play with my friends cricket
B. Cricket plays my friends with me
C. Cricket is played by me with my friends
D. Cricket was played by me with my friends
Ans. C
Directions: (17 to 18) identify the tenses in the following sentences
 Q17. She reached the examination hall well in time
A.  Present perfect  
B. Past indefinite   
C. Past Perfect  
D. Future indefinite
Ans. B

Q18. I am learning English from my Uncle
A. Past Continuous   
B. Present perfect  
C. Present Continuous  
D. Future indefinite
Ans. C

Directions: (19 to 21) Mark the appropriate words to fill in the blanks
 Q19.  God helps those _____help themselves
B. Which          
C. that        
D. whom
Ans. A

Q20. It is raining heavily, take _____umbrella
A. The          
B. An         
C. A               
D. Some
 Ans. B

Q21.We have been waiting for the train___more than two hours
A. Since      
B. From     
C. Until     
D. For
 Ans.  D

Directions: (22 to 24) Identify the parts of Speech of underlined
 Q22. Good students are always Successful in life
 A. Adverb   
B. Noun    
C. Adjective     
D. Pronoun
 Ans. C

Q23. The teacher was very pleased with me
 A. Preposition      
B. Conjunction    
C. Pronoun    
D. Adverb
Ans. A

Q24. Cross the busy road carefully
A. Noun          
B. Adjective       
C. Verb       
 Ans. B

Directions : change the following sentence into reported Speech
 Q25. Rahul Said “ I am busy now”
A. Rahul said that he was busy then       
B. Rahul said that he is busy now
C. Rahul Said that he was busy now        
D. Rahul said that he was busy now

Ans. B

*Comment if discrepancy in answers to any question. 
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  1. sir , some of the answers are wrong and i am sending correct answers. Q.1 (A), Q.2 (B), Q.24(D),Q.25 (A)

  2. I think Q.12 ans. Should be B... pls confirm....

  3. yes you are right

  4. Immortal-eternal/eminent
    rahul said that he was busy then

  5. Frnds pls confirm me the answers of two questions.
    Q.9. As per dictionary Benefited & Benefitted both are correct. In your views which one should be correct.
    Pls advice the answer of Q.2

    1. In que no 2 to tolerate is right and in 12th d is right i mean eminent and in 24th carefully is adverb and in 25th rahul saidthat he was busy then is right.

      you are right my friend except in que. 1 which is does and in 2nd which is to tolerate

    2. ANSWER NO. 1,12,24,25 is wrong

  6. 1st answer is here on this link

    1. Plz clear my doubt on Q.9

    2. Benefited
      and what are your opinion for answers of que. 1st, 2nd, 7th .
      I think 7th should be genuine.

    3. please mention the marks you are getting with your category

  7. 83 marks ur up

  8. Rishi what is your score

  9. i think Qno9: A Qno12:B Qno25:A is the right answer ....

  10. my total score is 85
    gk 19
    maths 23
    eng 21
    reasn 22
    what r my chances for final
    selection from delhi circle

  11. In American English, benefit forms benefited and benefiting. In British English, benefit makes benefitted and benefitting.
    But , since Indian English follows British English,so I think benefitted is correct.

    1. but i follow american english..

    2. dear, India follows British English.This exam is as according to India, so benefitted is preferred to benefited.

  12. carefully is adverb
    u can chek on google by writing---carefully is adjective or adverb?
    & click search.
    you will get the answer to this.

  13. according to bhargavas dictionary benifited is right and in oxford both are right

  14. Rahul said,"I am busy now"
    the right answer is Rahul said that he was busy then .
    but answer sheet me wrong anawer diya hai

  15. right answer key upload karo.