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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant Recruitment 2012- Model Questions related to Postal Department

  Questions from Postal Department

1.   Which country using the effigy of the King/Queen to identify the country’s name?- Britain

2.      India Post celebrated the year 2004-05 as its ………………anniversary? – 150th

3.      The first country to adopt Postcodes?- Germany

4.  The first matrimonial website in India to have a tie-up with India Post?- Bharath Matrimony.com

5.  The first Indian Post Office in Antarctica?-  Dakshin Gangotri (Under Goa Postal Division)

6.      Name given for regular stamp?- Definitive Stamp

7.   What is meant by Aero Philately?- Collection of Air Mail stamps and other connected stationary

8.      Where was the first Gandhi stamp printed?- Switzerland

9.      Which country issued the first commemorative stamp in the world?- Romania

10.   Which stamp is called ‘Mourning Stamp of India’?- Mahatma Gandhi issued on 15-8-1948

11.  Which is India’s first General Post Office?- Calcutta GPO (in 1774)

12.  In which press Indian Postal Stamps are generally printed?- India Security Press- Nasik(ISP)

13.     World Telecommunication Day?- May 17

14.   The first Indian state having Post Office in all villages?- Kerala

15. National Postal Day?- October 10

16.  Who coined the word ‘Philately’?- George Herpin (1864-France)

17.  Biography of Amritha Preethem?- Revenue Stamp

18. The author of the book ‘The Post Office’?- Mulk Raj Anand

19. Sentence in Logo of ‘India Post’?- Dak Seva Jan Seva

20.   First Indian Postage Stamp?- Scinde Dawk

21. Who coined the word ‘Postman’?- Henry Fawcolt

22. Full form of UPU?- Universal Postal Union

23.    World Postal Day?- October 9

24. The busiest Post Office in India?- Mumbai GPO

25.   The first Indian personality who was depicted in foreign stamps?- Mahatma Gandhi

Prepared by: currentaffairs4examz.blogspot.com
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